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    4-day Disney Destination Florida resident ticket

    Does anyone know if this includes parking at the parks?
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    What are the hours at the four parks right now?

    We have friends coming with the choice of coming the fourth week of March or the second week of April and want to go to the parks. I suppose if they wait until April the hours would be better as most of us will be vaccinated by then. Maybe I'm wrong. They want to get in as much time as possible...
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    Epcot Concerts

    Are they going on right now? Thanks!
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    Monorail and gondolas operating? Can you go to the resorts to see the Christmas Decor?

    Are the monorails and gondolas operating? Can you go to the resorts to see the Christmas decor?
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    Since we will get the vaccine before Christmas, everyone vaccinated, do you think DW will stop these reservations, I hope!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
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    Florida resident passes

    Anyone know if you still buy your grandkids tickets at a discount as a Florida resident?
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    Are concerts still on at American Theatre at Epcot ?

    Also what are hours now during the pandemic? thanks!
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    Employee passes question

    Can the employee passes be used to get in during Christmas, I hope!
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    DW hiring??

    Is Disneyworld hiring? There are only 3 jobs on their website!!
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    Military discount for annual pass

    Do they offer this with no blackout dates??
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    Can you work 2 days a week at DW?

    I used to do that years back. Did they change it?
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