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  1. Twilight_Roxas

    Disney’s DC Cinematic Universe: Batman to Justice League (open brainstorming)

    This is the beginning of Phase One of the DC Cinematic Universe. Brainstorming is open for everyone. For recap. Phase 1 ————— Batman Superman Batman 2 Wonder Woman Green Lantern The Flash Justice League You may now post with characters, and cast members.
  2. Twilight_Roxas

    Crisis on Disney Universes: Imagineering a Disney x DC comics universe

    While Disney acquired Marvel in 2009 what if in a different reality Disney acquires DC comics instead. This Imagineering thread is for DC shows & films on Disney+, in theaters, and tv shows along with DC attractions in Disney parks (excluding Disneyland resort). To those wondering about the...
  3. Twilight_Roxas

    Fright Nights- An Adult Halloween Event concept at DCA.

    Credit goes to Surfdawg with the original. After the success of Fright Nights at Disney Hollywood Studios. Disney has announced that Fright Nights will be returning to Disney Hollywood Studios, and a second Fright Nights will be making it’s debut at Disney California Adventure to compete with...
  4. Twilight_Roxas

    Reimagineering a Warner Bros theme park

    So I decided to do another Imagineering of a Warner Bros theme park. As a request please don’t ask for a Mortal Kombat attraction I only want the theme park to involve Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, DC comics, Cartoon Network, Harry Potter, and any other Warner Bros ip that fits in the park.
  5. Twilight_Roxas

    Imagineering a indoor Disneyland.

    This imagineering idea is of a Disneyland park completely indoors to balance out the weather either hot or cold. This will have IPs from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Simpsons, Avatar, and Blue Sky Studios along with original attractions. Areas ————— Ticket area Walt...
  6. Twilight_Roxas

    Jason Davis dead at 35

    Well known for the voice of Mikey Blumberg from Recess has passed away. https://deadline.com/2020/02/jason-davis-dies-recess-voice-actor-was-35-1202861221/
  7. Twilight_Roxas

    Imagineering a Warner Bros theme park (reboot)

    This is the second time I posted this. The Warner Bros theme park is indoors to withstand weather, and easily be expanded to add new lands. The IPs of Warner Bros ——————————— Looney Tunes Hanna-Barbera DC Comics Harry Potter Cartoon Network Lord of the Rings Like other theme parks it would...
  8. Twilight_Roxas

    Imagineering a Warner Bros. theme park

    Since my Warner Bros. World thread flopped I decided to reboot the thread by having everyone be involved with a Warner Bros. theme park. If you have a concept for a ride, and area for Warner Bros. World then you have to post the entire attraction even the building facade, queue, and loading...
  9. Twilight_Roxas

    Imagineering a Marvel animation universe

    Since Marvel created the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Disney parks creating a Marvel attractions universe Disney could create a Marvel animated universe with collaboration between Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, and Blue Sky Studios. So we could begin with the Marvel...
  10. Twilight_Roxas

    Warner Bros. World (open brainstorm)

    Since Universal Studios & Disney has a lot of theme parks all around a world I decided to create a thread for Warner Bros despite Six Flags & Universal having some licensed Warner Bros. characters. This would be there fourth park, but there second indoor theme park since Warner Bros. World. This...
  11. Twilight_Roxas

    Disneyland Dubai (Open Brainstorm)

    This Disney resort is set in the United Arab Estimate, and the first indoor Disney Park, and to be the largest indoor theme park. Lobby: The lobby is where you buy wristbands with the tickets. The middle of the lobby has a statue of Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse. The pictures on the walls shows...
  12. Twilight_Roxas

    Halloween Horror Nights 2018

    Universal announced there first maze so welcome to the Upside Down.
  13. Twilight_Roxas

    Disney Kingdom Toronto resort (open brainstorm)

    I decided to bring this Disney resort from Toronto Canada back from the depths. This Disney park will be completely indoors. This will have IPs from Disney, The Muppets, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilms, and the newly aquired 20th Century Fox. Disney Kingdom park (Magic Kingdom style park) Disney...
  14. Twilight_Roxas

    WDW Fantasmic (open brainstorming)

    Since the Disneyland version of Fantasmic debuted in 2017 with new scenes, and new effects. I think is time for WDW's Fantasmic to get a makeover. Like the Disneyland Fantasmic the WDW Fantasmic uses mapping projections, and new scenes replacing old scenes. You may now brainstorm the show.
  15. Twilight_Roxas

    Universal Studios Queensland (Open Brainstorm)

    Since its been a while since I done this that I decided to bring it back. Areas ------------ Productions Center Hollywood Jurassic World New York Amity Island The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Springfield Sci-fi Expo Super Nintendo World Dreamworks Studios Super Silly Funland Events...
  16. Twilight_Roxas

    Universal Studios Queensland (Open Brainstorming)

    I decided to bring this back, and put more info with attractions. Production Center --------------------- New York ------------ Sci-fi Expo ------------ Jurassic World ----------------- Lost World ------------- Silly Funland --------------- Springfield ------------ Amity ---------- San...
  17. Twilight_Roxas

    Lego Dimensions & Disney (Open Brainstorm)

    Since Disney Infinity is cancelled, and Lego Dimensions is getting new characters this open brainstorm is a what if Disney allows Warner Bros to include Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars in Lego Dimensions. You may now post.
  18. Twilight_Roxas

    Disneyland in Gold Coast revival

    So this is my revival attempt which I lost count of with a Disneyland in the Gold Coast of Australia. These are the lands that are going to be in Disneyland. Disneyland -------------- Walt Avenue Adventure Isle Frontier Peak Victoria Square Star Wars land Fantasyland Marvel City Tomorrowland
  19. Twilight_Roxas

    What if: Disney aquired Capcom (open brainstorm)

    So this brainstorming idea is a what if. As we know Capcom was known for classic games like Mega Man, Darkstalkers, Resident Evil, and Ducktales till multiple controversy sparked almost buried Capcom to the ground. So what if Disney aquires Capcom, and Capcom brought back the classic games along...
  20. Twilight_Roxas

    Disneyland Queensland Resort (open brainstorming)

    This is my somewhat third revival of a Disneyland resort in Queensland Australia. Disneyland Park ---------------------- Walt Avenue ------------------ Disneyland Railroad A Man Walt Disney Walt Avenue Vehicles Walt Avenue Cinema Walt Park Adventure Isle ------------------- Jungle Cruise...
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