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  1. figgyfan

    favorite merchandise they no longer sell

    What is your favorite thing they used to sell that you wish you could still buy.I can think of a few things...... We used to get candy in Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. It came in little clear boxes and was shaped like fruit. Very good. I wish they still carried it. I wish the still had the...
  2. figgyfan

    Favorite CM

    My favorite cast member works for security. We found him in the parking lot of Downtown Disney the night we were stranded and couldn't get back to our off property hotel.(Tried to save a buck....will never do it again:) ) He drove us all the way back to our Days Inn!!! Thank you...
  3. figgyfan

    Minnie van

    Just wondering if I am the only one out there who drives a disneymobile. My red Chevy Venture has Disney written all over it. I have a cute little Lilo hula girl on the dash....Pooh floor mats and steering wheel cover. A Minnie van license plate on the front, a WDW plate in the side window.... a...
  4. figgyfan

    People watchers

    Where is your favorite place in all of Disney World to people watch?? I love to sit and watch the drop on Splash Mountain. I also like to watch kids playing in the fountains by JII. Anyone??
  5. figgyfan

    Disney music

    I'm a huge fan of Disney music. I've been known to drive down the road jammin to Spectromagic (and getting a few stares).What is your favorite Disney song, and why is it your fave?
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