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  1. figgyfan

    Indiana Jones Accident?

    I wish this would stop happening. Three deaths this summer, this is sooo sad :(
  2. figgyfan

    Bring back Horizons

    I would love to see any of the old classics brought back. I have always thought that a fifth gate could be a nostalgia park....:shrug:
  3. figgyfan

    Are there any popular attractions that you do not like?

    I don't know if there are rides I don't like, but there are a few I won't ride out of trepidation....Mission Space, Everest, RnR ,ToT to name a few. Went on ToT a couple years ago..........thought I was going to die on the ride. Too intense for me.
  4. figgyfan

    Favorite queue

    The backlot tour, tower of terror, and toy story mania. :)
  5. figgyfan

    Disney+Foot Problems=What Shoes?

    I love crocs for their comfort.....they would be good to wear for a long day in the parks. However, I almost died due to wearing crocs at the wrong time. I was running outside to start my car in the dead of winter. Lots of snow on the ground, ice on the deck.....etc. I slipped and went flying...
  6. figgyfan

    D23 gives WDW some love with two new articles: Captain EO and HoP

    I didn't know the D23 website was free.....good to know.
  7. figgyfan

    Will Dumbo Fly Over Cinderella Castle?

    I will miss Wishes, but I get nostalgic for all of the retired parades and shows.
  8. figgyfan

    Ticket Price Increase?

    I have been going to Disney for 30 years now...and I can remember back in the day getting a 3 month pass for Florida residents for 45 bucks a person.*sigh* It allowed us to enjoy the parks as much as we wanted during the off peak months of September, January and May. I guess those days are LONG...
  9. figgyfan

    Eddie Sotto's take on the current state of the parks

    I think the DVC concept sounds awesome. I also like the idea of an EPCOT or Universe of Energy overhaul.
  10. figgyfan

    Where In Disney World Is The Best Disney Store

    World of Disney is awesome........mousegear is the best store in the parks. I also love to shop at the Polynesian.
  11. figgyfan

    So who wants to tell me...

    I fell in love with the Original JII on our first trip to Epcot, in 1985. We rode it repeatedly the entire time we lived down there....so every couple months or so for six years in a row. I agree, watch you tube videos of the original ride, it is the best was to "see" it if you never...
  12. figgyfan

    What movie would you like to see

    Yes to Song of the South on dvd..... I bought it a few years ago on Ebay. (VHS) I would love to have it released from the vault.
  13. figgyfan

    How does a monorail-less WDW operate?

    I imagine the ferry boats would be completly clogged with people.....
  14. figgyfan

    How is WDW Doing Economically?

    I was actually playing around pretending to book a trip to take advantage of the free dining plan etc... it was giving me a cheaper package price to stay at Coronado Springs than an All-Star resort for the same length of stay!?! I think the more expensive resorts aren't filling up as quickly as...
  15. figgyfan

    All EPCOT Center, All the Time- Part II

    I would love to see another JII refurb.....however I have seen the other refurbs and they were NOT pretty :snore:
  16. figgyfan

    Will Guests Ever Be Allowed To Ride In The Front Seat Of A Monorail Again?

    I think they will allow guests to ride in the front again......although maybe not right away. My kids loved riding up front when they were little. I have a copilots license in my wallet right now:)
  17. figgyfan

    Monorail Accident

    What a horrible accident....my prayers go out to the driver's family and friends.
  18. figgyfan

    Disney ringtones!

    My text alert message is Jack Sparrow...."Elizabeth, hide the rum....you know these clothes do not flatter you at all, it should be a dress or nothing, I happen to have no dress in my cabin. " I hear it a few dozen times a day. I have also had "Welcome foolish mortals"......... And last...
  19. figgyfan

    Favorite Extinct Attraction

    Journey Into Imagination is my first choice, followed closely by Horizons....
  20. figgyfan

    Stroller tales--for six and seven year old??

    I could post pictures of my 6 and very petite 9 year old daughters in one of the big double strollers they rent out. They rested, napped and were a lot less crabby. We loved it!!
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