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  1. s8film40

    Guest attacks Disney bus driver

    Thought this was interesting. The bus driver handled it well although if I were him I would have called the police, maybe he did once the video ended. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmovTsW6gHY
  2. s8film40

    Monorail Teal now in service

    As of just a few minutes ago Monorail Teal was brought into service on the express beam.
  3. s8film40

    Walk Around the World to be removed.

    I just heard from a friend who maintains the bricks in the Walk Around the World that it will be removed in about 6 - 12 months. Apparently they have already stopped maintaining the bricks with the exception of keeping them level and smooth for walking on. The areas where the bricks are present...
  4. s8film40

    Disney discontinuing resort specific merchandise.

    I was talking with a manager at a resort gift shop and she said that Disney was in the process of discontinuing all resort specific merchandise. She said once everything that was left in their inventory was gone it would not be replaced. She said that due to smaller production runs the profit...
  5. s8film40

    New Epcot shirt may be coming

    I just came across this, I hope they make it. http://coolestcloset.com/blog/
  6. s8film40

    End of Polynesian torch lighting ceremony

    In case anyone didn't know last night the 13th was the last night for the Polynesian torch lighting ceremony. It was a nice Disney detail that will be missed.
  7. s8film40

    New Coffee/Pastry kiosk at TTC

    Not all that exciting but there's a new coffee and pastry kiosk at the TTC. It actually seems to match the older TTC style rather than the newer.
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