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  1. pjulie75

    Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove to be rebranded a Delta by Marriott

    I sent a message to Marriott and they have confirmed rebranding will start to take place 1 March 2018.
  2. pjulie75

    Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove to be rebranded a Delta by Marriott

    Hi, do you know when this might be happening, due to stay end of June ? Tried to search online can’t see anything. Thank for information
  3. pjulie75

    Disney Hotel Restaurants for people staying offsite?

    Perfect, my mum was convinced you had to confirm you were a guest using your room key and wasn't sure about security, as we used to show our pass there too. Which ID do we need to show? Would be great to go and try our some more restaurants, went to Ohana and Grand Floridian last year, was...
  4. pjulie75

    Disney Hotel Restaurants for people staying offsite?

    Hi we are off to Hilton Bonnet Creek this year for 16 nights, usually stay at POFQ, but parents fancied a change. Can we still visit the Disney Hotels for food or is it just for hotel guests? We used to like the food court at POFQ and would be keen to go back. Thanks Julie
  5. pjulie75

    Disney Pirate Cruise for kids

    My girls who were 6 went on the one from the CBR, absolutely loved it, got pirate bandana, lots of treasure and had some lunch too. Would recommended it, my kids still talk about it
  6. pjulie75


    Hi Everyone, We have just booked flying from Glasgow via London to Orlando International with BA and are staying in Hilton Bonnet Creek for 16 nights 22 June until 8 July wooooohooooo:ROFLOL:, so excited, can you tell! We usually stay POFQ, but rate was too good to miss especially with the...
  7. pjulie75

    Prices for Room Only - UK visitors - Walt Disney Travel

    fantastic thanks, I will have a look:kiss:
  8. pjulie75

    Prices for Room Only - UK visitors - Walt Disney Travel

    Hi, when I have booked with Walt Disney Travel Company UK is this direct? I thought it was for Uk residents but direct with disney.:veryconfu Who do i contact to cut out the middle man, I need a bargain lol
  9. pjulie75

    Prices for Room Only - UK visitors - Walt Disney Travel

    I was looking on Walt Disney Travel company for room only for POFQ and this was £100 per night for June 2011. The prices disappeared for a weeks and have now been appeared showing £140 per night, can't believe the increase - 40% per night, this would be an extra £560!!! Wished I had book...
  10. pjulie75

    Fireworks or dinner?!

    we went on the private firework cruise last year and it was magical, I would recommend this, it was a unique and magical experience, we loved it, good luck to you both:)
  11. pjulie75

    Arriving in 7 days for our honeymoon! Any final tips / Ideas!?

    we recently went for a gorgeous meal at Ohana which is in the Poly hotel and then had a nice time sitting on the beach afterwards watching the magic kingdom fireworks, it was magical. we also hired a boat from the floridian and watched the fireworks on the lake which was amazing. congrats and...
  12. pjulie75

    Belle StoryTime?

    It is fantastic, my husband got picked to be "The Beast" so it was really funny for us:ROFLOL:. You will enjoy it and you get to meet Belle afterwards which was a bonus:).
  13. pjulie75

    Is the Great Movie Ride lost on today's youth?

    I think it would be great if it had 1 section of the ride changed every year to freshen it up. It would be exciting to see the new scene and would keep the ride fresh. My kids however love the Wizard of Oz scene and so do I. Ride is a must but wouldn't say I get excited at the thought of...
  14. pjulie75

    The Culmination of It All - Tom & Sarah's WDW HONEYMOON Pre-Trip Report

    Just had a peek at your wedding page, it looks amazing, Sarah you will be a beautiful Princess Bride (can't wait to see the dress) and Tom a Prince Charming I am sure. Congratulations to you both xoxo:kiss:
  15. pjulie75

    beignet's and Port Orleans

    We were excited about trying them as we were staying in POFQ and heard so much about them, bit too excited:ROFLOL:, they were:hurl:, too greasy, we hardly ate any and binned the rest.
  16. pjulie75

    Random ?? about POFQ, ADR's & tix

    we stayed in POFQ last year and it is fantastic. It is quiet, beautiful, relaxing, romantic, it is such a beautiful place and you will have a fantastic time. The trip down by boat to DTD is fabulous, we love this resort and hope to visit again next year. Our Mousekeeping also left us lots of...
  17. pjulie75

    Free Dining

    I think the free dining is amazing, I am hoping I can catch it for next year, it would save us a lot of money. Paying from UK with flights etc it is really expensive and any saving would be fantastic - more money to spend in the park, so Disney will be getting my dollars either way:ROFLOL:
  18. pjulie75

    Disney 2011 - I can't wait!!

    can't believe how organised we all are, Disney is a truly magical place and it is great to be able to experience the magic, happy planning everyone:). When do the release room rates in the US for next year? It was actually showing on the UK site for room only rates for the last month but has...
  19. pjulie75

    Best of WDW!

    strawberry daiquiri, lying around the pool at POFQ, bliss:kiss:
  20. pjulie75

    Disney 2011 - I can't wait!!

    Hi Everyone Well unfortunately couldn't get my time on work:fork: so couldn't book WDW this year:cry: and am off to Palma (island off the Spanish coast) for a beach holiday. Gutted about not getting my Disney holiday so asked my boss if I could book my holiday for 2011 as soon as prices came...
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