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  1. pjulie75

    Disney Hotel Restaurants for people staying offsite?

    Hi we are off to Hilton Bonnet Creek this year for 16 nights, usually stay at POFQ, but parents fancied a change. Can we still visit the Disney Hotels for food or is it just for hotel guests? We used to like the food court at POFQ and would be keen to go back. Thanks Julie
  2. pjulie75


    Hi Everyone, We have just booked flying from Glasgow via London to Orlando International with BA and are staying in Hilton Bonnet Creek for 16 nights 22 June until 8 July wooooohooooo:ROFLOL:, so excited, can you tell! We usually stay POFQ, but rate was too good to miss especially with the...
  3. pjulie75

    Prices for Room Only - UK visitors - Walt Disney Travel

    I was looking on Walt Disney Travel company for room only for POFQ and this was £100 per night for June 2011. The prices disappeared for a weeks and have now been appeared showing £140 per night, can't believe the increase - 40% per night, this would be an extra £560!!! Wished I had book...
  4. pjulie75

    Disney 2011 - I can't wait!!

    Hi Everyone Well unfortunately couldn't get my time on work:fork: so couldn't book WDW this year:cry: and am off to Palma (island off the Spanish coast) for a beach holiday. Gutted about not getting my Disney holiday so asked my boss if I could book my holiday for 2011 as soon as prices came...
  5. pjulie75

    UK PIN Codes?

    Hi Just wondered if anyone in UK has received a discount PIN Code? I found out about these codes here and am desperate to get one:), who doesn't want a bargain:ROFLOL:. I am registered on the UK Walt Disney UK site, ordered a planning DVD and have booked through them before but have never...
  6. pjulie75

    Off to WDW tomorrow!!

    Hi Everyone I am off tomorrow and we are super excited. Thanks for all your advice and building up the excitment before our trip. We are staying at POFQ and are excited to be going back, it is our 10th wedding anniversary and I have booked a fireworks cruise to surprise my family, so I am...
  7. pjulie75

    90 Days ADR - But not staying at Disney?

    Hi Everyone:wave: My friend is visiting Disney but staying offsite, is 90 days ADR available to everyone or is it just for onsite holidaymakers?? Thanks
  8. pjulie75

    Where can I get a great Milkshake?

    Hi:wave: My kids have never had a proper Milkshake, only had the strawberry one from McDonalds, where would you suggest we go onsite to try?
  9. pjulie75

    DDP - too much food?

    Hi I am going away in 27 days:sohappy: and have booked our ADR. We haven't booked the dining plan but have decided to booked some restaurants, going for 14 days and have made 8 reservations spread out throughout our stay. I just wondered, for people on the dining plan, isn't it too much to...
  10. pjulie75

    DVC for UK Residents??

    Hi Everyone:wave:, I am off to Disney in a few weeks and wondered about DVC. Can anyone give me some info about this, roughly how much does it costs, for how long etc? We have never had a timeshare before so don't really know how it works. Is it worth it or do you think we can visit Disney...
  11. pjulie75

    Walt Disney Travel Company UK-tickets etc?

    Hi My Fellow UK Travellers:wave: We have booked our holiday through Walt Disney Travel Company and had confirmation from Virgin Holidays. We have arranged flight, car hire, hotel POFQ and tickets, wondered what we should be getting before departure, do we get the park tickets? Thanks:)
  12. pjulie75

    POFQ Scat Cats Club - Food?

    :wave:Hi Everyone We went to POFQ years ago and they served delicious chicken wings and nachos etc, does anyone know if they still serve food? My husband loves these with his pitcher of BEER:slurp:, after a long day at the park. The only menus I can find online have been updated about 5 years...
  13. pjulie75

    Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique Princess Dresses

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone advise how much the dresses cost at BBB in the castle. I was intending in bringing a dresses but daughters insists in getting a special dress at the castle, is there anywhere online I can see the dresses offered in the park? Thanks for info, bye Julie:)
  14. pjulie75

    Gratuity Tax - how much??

    Hi, just wondered how much gratuity tax usually is at Disney restaurants? When we made our ADRs today they said that since there are 6 of us, 4 adults and 2 kids, they would add 18%, how much is it normally, I take it this is the tip? I am from Scotland and we tip as much as we want, it is...
  15. pjulie75

    Speciality Cruise Info please

    Hi I have booked a Speciality Cruise from Grand Floridian to watch fireworks, can anyone give me info about this, photos would be fab too. I forgot to ask them how long cruise is for, can you advise please???? Thanks:kiss:
  16. pjulie75

    Holding for ADR - so nervous!!

    Hi Everyone, I am holding for my reservations and have butterflies, everyone keep your fingers crossed for me, wish me luck. It is so exciting holding listening to the music, Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirates life for me, I am getting really excited:animwink: I think I might burst!!:lol:
  17. pjulie75

    Viewing Fireworks from Poly or Floridian?

    Hi, can you watch MK fireworks from Poly or Floridian, which is best?
  18. pjulie75

    Parades & Fireworks Times - HELP PLEASE

    Hi Guys, I am trying to sort out my ADR for my holiday and my 90 Days is tomorrow (I have just queued for 32mins to be told this - ARRRRGGGHHH!!). Can anyone advise a rough idea of Parade and Fireworks times at each park? July opening hours are not up yet and I want to try and arrange dinner...
  19. pjulie75

    Opening Hours for Parks in July

    Hi Guys, I am trying to arrange my dining arrangements, but can't see park opening hours for July, does anyone know when they will be available? thanks
  20. pjulie75

    Where should we eat on the 4th of July?

    Hi Everyone, I am going to POFQ with my husband, our twin girls who are 6 and my parents, i was thinking of giving the parks a miss and maybe going to a disney hotel and hopefully seeing fireworks from the lake and enjoy the nice warm evening, where would you recommend? I noticed on the forum...
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