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  1. TXDisney

    Pack n Play Fit

    Not sure if anyone has tried this... but we're staying in a studio villa at Poly in a week. And so our 15 month old can sleep better (she's used to sleeping in her crib in her own room). We were thinking of putting her pack n play in the just shower bathroom of the villa (Poly villa has 2...
  2. TXDisney

    Magic Band Question

    This might be an odd question... but I figured I'd still ask bc we've never done this before. Our trip is coming up and we are staying for a longer time and we have family from Tampa meeting up at the Poly with us a day (hang by the pool and have drinks day). My wife and Mom are going to stick...
  3. TXDisney

    Do Deluxe Resorts Include Pack n Play?

    Staying at Poly and this is our 1st trip with out little one since she was only a few months and slept in the bed with us. Does a Poly DVC room include a Pack n Play? Or do I need to bring my own? Or do I just have to call and request one?
  4. TXDisney

    What Should I Expect at Epcot

    So we frequent WDW. And I'm rarely confused as to what I'll see. We normally visit WDW about 4 times a year. And always try and do a trip between Thanksgiving and Christmas for the Holidays. We rented DVC points for this visit and the week we wanted to go and stay at Poly wasn't available. But...
  5. TXDisney


    We ate here few weeks ago for dinner, and I must say we were impressed. We decide to arrive a day early like a week before our trip, so this reservation was kind of last minute. It fit into what we wanted to do that day perfectly though. Bc we wanted to spend some time at GF to enjoy the holiday...
  6. TXDisney

    Trip Report Disney Christmas

    We just got back from our 6 day trip at Walt Disney World. We had a great time. We stayed at The Dolphin our 1st night and then The Swan the next 4 nights. We arrived Tuesday and were doing Magic Kingdom that day. We lost our 22 week old baby a year ago that day so we wanted to spread his ashes...
  7. TXDisney


    so we are for the 1st time going to MVMCP in early December. We’ve always wanted to, but are finally doing it. I have some questions regarding it. We’re going 12/7 which is a Thursday. I know these things generally get sold out, so I’m Not expecting low crowds. But we have been told that riding...
  8. TXDisney

    Torn on breakfast reservations

    So I have a Kona breakfast reservation at 10:45 on our MK day. Our plan was to get to the park early ride a few rides then head over to Poly for breakfast and then go around the resort along with GF and Contrmporary for a few hours before heading back into MK. We have tickets to MVMCP that night...
  9. TXDisney

    Pick Up and Move

    I constantly think about picking up and moving to the WDW area and becoming a local. Problem is a job for my wife and I. We don't make incredible money, but aren't poor either. So we'd have to make sure we had a decent job down there to go to. My wife works in the financial investment business...
  10. TXDisney


    I'm 61 days out today and have all my reservations linked in MyDisneyExoerience. We're staying at The Swan (which does allow you to do FP 60 days out). Tickets and all are purchased and linked on the app as well. But when I pulled up to do FP today (even though I know it's a day early), it's...
  11. TXDisney

    Brunch in Disney Springs

    On a Saturday morning in early December we plan on going to Disney Springs before we go to Hollywood Studios later in the day. My question is if there's any good brunch spots in Disney Springs? We don't want to eat a lunch really bc we want to eat on the earlier side so we can get to HS at a...
  12. TXDisney

    Jingle Bell Jingle BAM

    We just booked our trip for early December. We've gone during this time numerous times, but this will be our 1st visit since the stopped the Osbourne Lights. Saturday December 9th is our Hollywood Studios day. We are trying to decide if we want to do the morning or evening at Disney Springs that...
  13. TXDisney

    Fireworks During the Holidays

    We just booked our trip to Disney World for early December. We've gone during this time several times. This time we're going we're only doing 5 days, so pretty much just a day at each park. We've elected to not do Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, we've seen it before and didn't want to spend...
  14. TXDisney

    Trattoria al Forno

    Any chance this restaurant is a character breakfast when I have a reservation on March 5th?
  15. TXDisney

    Swan and Dolphin

    So we just booked a short trip to WDW from 3/2-3/6 staying 2 nights at the Dolphin then 2 nights at the Swan. We've stayed at the Swan before but actually had a rental car and it was right before they started using magic bands. We've stayed at several WDW resorts since then and have Magic bands...
  16. TXDisney

    Has this happened to you?

    So my wife and I have always loved WDW. We actually got engaged and married at WDW. But our whole family loves WDW as well. My parents have an rci timeshare and we've gone most our life every few years all together. We are all at the age now where we are having kids. My wife is currently...
  17. TXDisney


    I'm looking for a resale. I've been on some websites and have done some research. Looking to purchase a DVC offseason for a week a year at BCV that sleeps around 5-7. I see prices and all but I'm looking to finance it. In a standard loan about how much will that be a month? Minimum down payment.
  18. TXDisney

    Crave Certain Times of the Year

    I like most on this site frequent WDW. Being I live in Texas, WDW is a once a year trip. I had the prick edge a few years ago to go to WDW 4 times in a 13 month span. Bc of that I got to see WDW for different seasons and festivals that I previously hadn't. My 1st trip was early December. All...
  19. TXDisney

    Disney Hats

    I wear a lot of hats. I always want to get a hat every Disney trip, but there's such a poor selection. As far as in style hats they fall incredibly short. I think Disney isn't tapping into this hat industry the way they should. There has to be a lot of money in it. Yet they do very few in style...
  20. TXDisney

    New Wedding Pavilion

    We got married at WDW 1/16/14. We did the ceremony at the wedding pavilion and the reception at GF. We had 115 guests so it limited our places we could do things. I wouldn't trade our wedding in for anything. Literally the only thing my wife wished was different was the decor in the wedding...
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