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  1. kasey1988

    Lunch on first day?

    We grabbed lunch at Cabanas last time, but did see people going into Enchanted Garden. Are the offerings different? what do you prefer?
  2. kasey1988

    Saratoga springs dining?

    We will be here for 2 nights, and have never heard much about the dining options available or the quality? anyone ever dined here? most likely breakfast and lunch and one supper (the other we booked beaches and cream, yum!). or are we better off going to DTD and grabbing a bite to eat?
  3. kasey1988

    Tell me what YOU do in Nassau or at Sea days?

    Well we LOVED our September cruise SO much we just booked a January one! Last time we did Atlantis Aquaventure and since it was only a 3 day we didn't have any "at sea" days. This time around we are looking for some cheaper excursions that are less time (Atlantis was EXPENSIVE! and we were away...
  4. kasey1988

    Which building at Saratoga springs?

    We are renting dvc points at Saratoga springs for the first weekend in January, it's the only resort left with standard dvc room for that weekend and we have never stayed there, but it's huge! Any suggestions for which building to request? We are only there for 2 nights before a cruise with no...
  5. kasey1988

    Weather in January?

    Looking at booking the4 night on the dream for January 5th 2015. What can we expect weather wise in orlando and I the cruise? Warm enough to swim on board I hope!
  6. kasey1988

    Best way to contact disney customer relations?

    Is there a phone number? Email? We just returned from our amazing trip! However there was an incident on board a bus we were on one night (we were so disappointed in the way the drivers handled it -yes 2 drivers on board the bus; assuming one was training). We passed this along to a cast member...
  7. kasey1988

    Mnsshp character location?

    Where abouts will we find all 7 dwarfs?
  8. kasey1988

    Where to watch electrical water pagent from?

    Hubby has mentioned he would like to see this and watch wishes from one of the monorail resorts. We have 2 days without park tickets before our cruise so are looking for free activities to do! We would be using disney transportation from animal kingdom lodge, so no big deal to use the mk...
  9. kasey1988

    Adding a food allergy..

    So I just called disney dining in attempt to add my coconut allergy to my reservation. This has never been an issue the past two trips. But I was informed by the cast member that she would not add it because it is against a health privacy law, and where it is not a "common allergy" she could...
  10. kasey1988

    Not to miss on Castaway Cay

    We are considering renting snorkiling gear, but is there anything else we should make sure we check out?? 28 days away! so excited!!
  11. kasey1988

    changing last name on reservation..

    long story short..when we booked our upcoming trip for September we were on our honeymoon and I had yet to change my last name on any documentation, so the agent booked it under my maiden name.. well now I am in the process of changing my name (everything except my passport so far).. I intend to...
  12. kasey1988

    ADR check in question

    I am the person who made all of our reservations for our upcoming Disney trip, including the dining. I am wondering if any person on the reservation can check in (ie: my husband check in with his name since he is on the reservation), or if it has to be my name. I know its an odd question, but...
  13. kasey1988

    Under 3 ticket question..

    Posting for a friend, They are taking there 2 year old son to disney in the spring for his 3rd birthday.. His actual birthday is during the trip. The disney cast member on the phone says on his actual birthday she will have to visit a ticket kiosk to purchase a ticket for the remainder of the...
  14. kasey1988

    Pandora braclet and disney charm questions..

    I am wondering if the disney charms sold in the parks fit pandor brackets, I believe the actual charms are made by chamila, so not sure if they will fit.. Long story short, hubby bought one for me off a non-disney site, and it will not thread onto my pandora braclet, even tho the site claimed...
  15. kasey1988

    Non park dinner recommendation?

    So we will be staying at the animal kingdom lodge September 16-18th with no park tickets/dining plan before our cruise and 6 nights at pofq.. I am trying to plan meals for these few days, as of right now we only have dinner at planet Hollywood and breakfast at boma reserved and we have boma...
  16. kasey1988

    Question about aquaventure

    We selected this excursion for our Nassau day. And have a few questions. We booked with disney.. -what time can we expect to get to atlantis, we selected 9:15 time(it was the earliest) -how much time should we plan on spending there (we are going in September) -what are the meal options that...
  17. kasey1988

    Port arrival times

    Just did our online check in (yay!) for our September 18th cruise, I was asked to select a port arrival time, but am using disney tranportation from AKL to the port, I a, unsure of what to select?
  18. kasey1988

    Disembarkation time?

    We will be disembarking off the dream on September 21 and going back to wdw, I am wondering about what time can I expect to be at the resort? We will be immediately going to the magic kingdom (we have lunch reservations) but wondering what time I should start making our fastpasses for! Thanks!
  19. kasey1988

    House of blues question

    Just wondering if you can make reservations for here with disney? There has been no availability available, and wondering if maybe they don't release them threw disney?
  20. kasey1988

    Pre-Trip The we booked a bounceback, and a cruise and rented DVC points PTR

    Hi everyone! Our trip is fast approaching and we are so excited! This trip will be just my Husband and myself! Who are we? Well, I am Laura, this will be my 6th trip to disney. My husband, it will be his third! He had never been to disney until 2012, when we went for our first trip together...
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