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  1. Figmentation

    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    Disney don't do jokes. :P Cause I wish this was a joke.....
  2. Figmentation

    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    I believe it'll be pretty easy to track these using magicbands coming in and out of a resort. The only issue this would cause is if you're staying at a resort and you have family or friends locally driving you around.
  3. Figmentation

    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    Except they'll look at the computer: "The front gate says you used your magicband to get in." Taxi's don't use magic bands to get in. Saying you don't have a car won't save you here. If you have a car, you're using your magicband to get in... and I'm sure they'll be using a computer to track...
  4. Figmentation

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Not sure to be honest, but both Stitch and Buzz have no narration at all at the moment. I'm going to the park in 16 days for my trip, so I'll be able to listen myself.
  5. Figmentation

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Yep - Various Vlogs I watched posted recently also had that narration removed. Buzz Lightyears narration was also missing but that's a whole other topic together.
  6. Figmentation

    News 'Disney After Hours' ticketed event

    Eh, I bought tickets the the Feb 8th event. Based on previous reviews of people who went, they loved it. But yes, the price is high, and when they reduce the price is when people buy the tickets.
  7. Figmentation


    Everyone above has the right idea. Also, since you've been before, make plans and time for the attractions you want to ride, Fastpasses or not. Don't expect to get on every right, especially since you are going in June. Mid-day naps, or going back to the resort to rest up, or IF you have the...
  8. Figmentation

    Driving from DLR to WDW

    I heard the Alabama drive is way better. You can still hit the Welcome Center though. :D
  9. Figmentation

    Driving from DLR to WDW

    Not much I can tell you, I've only made a 16 hour drive from Southern Indiana to WDW. All I can say is this, if you go through Georgia, prepare the energy drinks because man.. you'll want to sleep by the lack of ANYTHING you see driving in a straight line. The most entertainment you get is...
  10. Figmentation


    I think the general consensus is, yes we are still going to go. We're just going to go a lot less. We typically try and go once a year, but with the price increases and cutback.. and the such. We're gonna start going every other year, or every 3 years instead.
  11. Figmentation

    Favorite smell at Walt Disney World

    Main Street.. just Main Street in general. The mix of popcorn, bakery, confectionery... so good. :D
  12. Figmentation

    Last Imagineering Home Run at Florida Resorts

    I noticed a lot of "Homeruns" were made back in the Eisner days. I agree, MGM/Hollywood and the start of Animal Kingdom was made under his watch. Everest was made I believe shortly after Iger took over. But aside from that, I haven't been impressed. To be honest, he DID keep the parks afloat...
  13. Figmentation

    My Unbridled hatred for Gus, the DME Driver

    ALL THE LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! ...but I'm going to Disney, everything is a lie. :o
  14. Figmentation

    My Unbridled hatred for Gus, the DME Driver

    Eh, at least the cheesy Disney Blogs stuff before the video starts is somewhat entertaining (If not a big annoying, but not Gus level annoying.)
  15. Figmentation

    Online check-in, yes or no????

    Our family had a bad experience with Online Checkin back in October. We got to the resort, and 5 pm our room was not ready yet. No text, no anything. So we ended up going to the front desk and they said we didn't check in despite doing so. We had to go through the process to check in and...
  16. Figmentation

    What should NOT have been replaced?

    Well there's rides that should of not been replaced. And there's rides that got replaced because they lost sponsorship, or current sponsor wanted something different. Rides that should NOT of been replaced (No Sponsors to begin with): 1: Mr. Toad 2: Alien Encounter Rides that got replaced...
  17. Figmentation

    Fall (Oct/Nov) trip recommendations - when to go.

    First week of October, First two weeks of November. Those are by far the BEST weeks to go for the fall. First week of October(End of September.): Fall break has not started yet. It usually starts at the end of the first week of October. Why is this week good? I shall name the reasons: Not so...
  18. Figmentation

    Memorial Day Weekend.

    Ahh, I looked into that. The last day they say is like May 14th, or around that weekend> I'm positive most of the stuff will still be up however. EDIT: Well then, they changed the dates on me. May 30th now. Huh...
  19. Figmentation

    Memorial Day Weekend.

    Huh.. 24 hour event. I forgot all about that. This might change some plans...
  20. Figmentation

    Memorial Day Weekend.

    Not sure, the crowd calendars in multiple locations will probably end up changing around after this year. SWW def drew in larger crowds. Especially locals. Epcot: Flower and Garden festival will be over for a few weeks by Memorial Day weekend. HWS: SSW is now done and over, will have a ton of...
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