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  1. Lil'mermaid

    Maxtor Hard Drive help

    Can anyone here help me please? My dad has just put in a new Hard Drive in to the computer but now we cant get the computer itself to realize that the new hard drive is there. We cannot format it until it does. It says its working but we cannot find it. We dont want to take the old one out...
  2. Lil'mermaid

    Happy Birthday TravisMT81!!

    Happy birthday!!! Have a great day! :wave: :sohappy:
  3. Lil'mermaid

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JackSkellington!!!

    Happy 18th Birthday man!!! :sohappy: :sohappy: :king:
  4. Lil'mermaid

    Oh my gosh...

    My dad nearly died for laughter reading the news paper when he saw this... Click here
  5. Lil'mermaid

    Disney Mania 2 cd

    Has anyone else bought this yet? It rocks! Its kinda strange to hear certain songs by someone else though. "Its a small world" by the Baha Men is a little odd, though if they used it on the ride I might not put up such a fight when it comes time to ride it. :lol:
  6. Lil'mermaid

    Happy birthday Brown!

    Happy Birthday to one of our newest members, Brown!!!! :sohappy: :sohappy: :king:
  7. Lil'mermaid

    Amazing what I can find when Im not looking

    I was surfing around before and I found this! I was reading news on *NSYNC.com and look what was there!!! Click here! I thought it was cool, it just proves it REALLY is a small world!
  8. Lil'mermaid

    Can you help me?

    Can you help me? I've been looking for free ringtines... and I cant find any!! If you know where to get them please help me! Thanks!
  9. Lil'mermaid

    Road Trip!!!!!

    We took a road trip this weekend. :) I don't mind them, they can be really fun... unless of course it takes 9 hours to make a 6 hour trip. I should have taken that as an omen that this wasn't going to go all that well, but of course I rolled over and went back to sleep. We were going vist my...
  10. Lil'mermaid

    Trip report... 9/2-9/7

    Hey Im back We drove to Florida so we left the 31st. It poured the entire drive down and apparently I slept through a huge one after we got in to FL. We stayed at the WL and got upgraded for free to a better room, facing the villas and the smaller pool. We went to MGM that night for the...
  11. Lil'mermaid

    Enight time

    need to know... What time do u pick up yor enight tix? We have the 1st ones but what time do u get the wristbands?
  12. Lil'mermaid

    Hi from WDW!!!

    HELLOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Just got my laptop up and going... We got in ok... got stuck in SC for the night the other day.... stupid storms... We got upgraded to a better room because the Wilderness Lodge is sold out. (booking up 138%) Its rained EVERY FREAKIN DAY!!! ITS TOO DARN HOT!! AND...
  13. Lil'mermaid

    Bob Hope died at 100

    Just heard, Bob Hope is dead at 100:cry: Thanks for the memories
  14. Lil'mermaid

    Has anyone ever done the Cape May clam bake or breakfast??

    We are planning to go over there for a meal. I just wanted to know if anyone had been there and if you know of any of the things served there. Im not real big on fish but my mom says there is other stuff there. I just wanted to know if it is worth it...
  15. Lil'mermaid

    Disney hotels on TV

    Tomorrow on the Travel Channel at 7 there is an hour long show on that goes through all the hotels in WDW... Parks too I think... At 4 today on the Travel Channel once again is a show on AK an hour long too! Cool huh?:lol:
  16. Lil'mermaid

    AAA hospitality lounges

    Does anyone know where the AAA hospitality lounges are in ANY of the parks? The travel agent said they were in all of them but none of us have a clue!
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