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    Is Memory Maker Worth It?

    I wouldnt want to get it at this time because of the "must be masked" requirement. I'd prefer having our faces seen in the photos. We will be doing our own photos when we go, and be less than happy about it, but that isnt costing us anything. If how that changes the appearance of you and your...

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    61 days. Excitement building as tomorrow is ADR booking day.

    One Year Prediction

    One Year from Now.... It will be highly recommended that all guests have recieved a Covid vaccination prior to being on Disney property. ( recommended but not required ) Proof of such can be scanned onto your MDE and appears on your MB. Those unable to show proof of vaccinations will be required...

    Epcot/Itinerary question

    No one knows how long EP is going to take to finish. Theres so much to do and Disneys been moving slowly. I wouldnt abandon EP, but be prepared to PH. Its still the park with the better dining choices. A few of the pavilions ( Mexico, Japan, China, Germany) are worth wandering through and take...

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Yesterday was celebrating 63 at DL... today's 62 days at DL.

    Where’s the best food in Magic Kingdom

    MK has never been known for having outstanding dining spots. Our once favorite, BoG has slipped off our list. We now target the Liberty Tree Tavern, Columbia Harbour house and Skipper Canteen. All three spots pale in quality compared to dining choices at other parks but are the best you can get...

    Christmas trip ideas

    Its still too soon to know how Disneys going to handle Christmas due to Covid. If things look better they may bring back some or most entertainment that has been missing. In the past EP has had Santas in various countries describing their traditions. The Candlelight Processional and other forms...

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    63 days.

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Have a great time. Safe travels. I love seeing posters get to their "Only One More Day" post. One day I'll reach mine !!!

    So which HM ghost would you resemble the most after you, um, expire?

    Theres nothing wrong with the topic or having it presented at this time. Its Disney related, its attraction appropriate, and a topic thats new. One that hasnt been resurfaced from 20 years ago on the site. Disney isnt shutting down the attraction because theres gravestones, coffins and ghosts in...

    Ways to make the magic at home!

    We have purchased the Dole whip mix and have had success in coming up with a very close clone to whats served in the park. I think not having it handed to me from the CM at Aloha Isle alters my perception and taste. Just not the same. Having Mickey Waffles drenched in butter and syrup... tastes...

    Roger Rabbit's Hollywood (scrapped planned for Disney-MGM Studios in 1990s)

    Assuming outrage because its been the pattern thats been established and promoted and pushed by so many... in some cases unwarranted recently and because the opposition is being shouted down and shut out.

    So which HM ghost would you resemble the most after you, um, expire?

    Yeah... for some reason Rod Serling didnt foresee that as being an option. Would have altered the plot ending. :happy:

    New to DAS..

    Sorry for the devastating diagnosis.... my prayers are being sent to you and your family.... and hope your trip will be all you are looking forward to and desire. And that it wont be your last. My DW has used the DAS on all our trips, having MS, on a vent and wheelchair bound. It isnt the best...

    So which HM ghost would you resemble the most after you, um, expire?

    As a default, this has always been one of my my fav TZ episode. Time Enough At Last.

    Nervous about our 3 year old and masks

    I wouldnt be overly stressed out about it. You do what you can to condition him to wear one prior to your trip. If a CM sees him at some moment with it off they will remind you that he needs it on. You can then place it back on for the time. Whats the chances that same CM will catch him without...

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    64 days. Had Walt not been a part of the 64 Worlds Fair, we may not have had WDW.

    Underappreciated Rides - What’s Your Favorite?

    Sure. Underrated or as the Op asked, under appreciated, means guests see it as being inferior, dont like it as its presently being presented, and gets knocked constantly. Whether it cost $100 Million has no bearing on how I see it. I do enjoy it which was my honest answer/ opinion to the Op's query.

    Roger Rabbit's Hollywood (scrapped planned for Disney-MGM Studios in 1990s)

    And yet, being Disney Woke means a woman may be strong and still not fit the narrative they wish to display. Ask Gina Carano.

    Breakfast returns to Hollywood and Vine at Disney's Hollywood Studios in March

    I started searching the menu sites to start forming a plan for our upcoming trip meals. Because of the slim pickings, H&V wont be making an appearance on my to do breakfast locations.
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