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  1. Tigggrl

    If you don't follow my blog...you are missing out...LOL!

    Fantasmic news! WE broke this news first, today...even before Al Putz... http://dlrbestandworst.blogspot.com/
  2. Tigggrl

    Pirates and some princess toys...

    Were marked down at Target Yesterday...The Pirates figures, ship, etc. They went 50%off at my Target. The princess kitchen went, as well as various other toys...GREAT time to get them for Christmas! The CeCe and Rocky collection will soon be replaced by A.N.T. Farm
  3. Tigggrl

    Mary Blair Book.....Very cool!

    Saw this one on Ebay....very cool, and rare! The Art and Flair of Mary Blair by John Canemaker, M... http://t.co/Zb2GXs5 Rare 3 day auction
  4. Tigggrl

    Always Remember........

    In Tribute to one of the best. Always remember, Never forget. Semper Fi!
  5. Tigggrl

    Disney Movie Memorabilia up for Auction!

    Profiles in History is at it again! Stuff from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and even the original carpet bag used in Mary Poppins...
  6. Tigggrl

    New Project!

    Heres my new project...
  7. Tigggrl

    Percy and the Olympians film....

    Hi all! Not sure if this has been posted, but when I saw the trailer for this new film, I just had to get the first 2 books of the series. Anything Chris Columbus is putting his stamp on I just LOVE! So I picked up the books yesterday, and suprised to find that they are printed and published by...
  8. Tigggrl

    Character Pumpkin Carving Templates

    Hi there! I just recieved this from the Disney Family newsletter....a link to fun Character templates for carving pumpkins! http://family.go.com/holidays/pkg-pumpkin-templates/?CMP=NLC-NL_7LittleThings_10_05_pkg-pumpkin-templates#
  9. Tigggrl

    Profiles in History Auction!

    Hey guys and gals....GREAT new Disney stuff, along with tons of movie memorabilia at the new Profiles in History Auction....Actual Auction is in October....So fun to look;) http://www.profilesinhistory.com/index.php?option=com_auctions&catid=37
  10. Tigggrl

    Star Wars Big Figs....

    http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h235/tigggrl/legodisney/legodisney010.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h235/tigggrl/legodisney/legodisney011.jpg
  11. Tigggrl

    Park Figures Set

  12. Tigggrl

    Attractions Kits/ Lego/ NEW at DL!

    Hey Guys and Gals! I went to WOD at Disneyland today, and they are carrying a line of smallish Attractions in Lego blocks....Under the Disney Name.....I regrettably didnt look at price tho!
  13. Tigggrl

    GREAT article on Burton's Alice!

    Great Article on the new Alice film... http://www.cc2k.us/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1852
  14. Tigggrl

    Random Pictures!

    Hi guys, I went yesterday for a few hours for my birthday.....allll by myself, and brought back just a few pics I thoughT I would share.... http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h235/tigggrl/unbirthday/
  15. Tigggrl

    Random Pics.....

    I posted more of them in the original thread from My trip on Monday....
  16. Tigggrl

    Random pics!

  17. Tigggrl

    A Few Pics from Wednesdays trip.....

    Ok, all I really have to say is Small World totally ROCKS! I have to go back and get some pics of what I missed. They did an amazing job. It looks so fresh and new....All the while maintaining the original feel.....WELL DONE...
  18. Tigggrl

    Wall-E wins gold!

    :king:Congrats to Disney Pixar for the Oscar win for animated feature!
  19. Tigggrl

    A couple of pics from yesterday...

  20. Tigggrl

    My Disney suprise find today!

    I ran over to the video store thats next to where my Fiancee works today, and they ar a small mom and pop store. They are selling all their VHS tapes out for .99 each...and of course I had to get a few to add to the collection! Blue Yonder Cartoon Classics 3 Scary Tales Greyfriars Bobby Gus...
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