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  1. DDuckFan130

    Both parks in one day: looking for a bit of advice

    Ok, so we're not even out on our 4th of July trip to WDW and I've already reserved Labor Day Weekend at Pop. What does this have to do with UO? Well, I've been promising my dad a day at UO because he really wants to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I decided to skip it on our 4th of July...
  2. DDuckFan130

    Dental Care during the CP

    Hey guys! My brother is currently on the CP until August, and is working at POR in the food court. When he arrived, they told him he had to go change his braces so they could be clear. $200 :eek: Anyway, that same orthodontist said he/she doesn't take transfers to help my brother continue...
  3. DDuckFan130

    My 24th birthday at WDW!

    :lookaroun So um, I've been lurking for a while, and I figured I may as well come back and write trip report if anyone cares :lol: A lot has changed for me in the past 6 months or so. I'm in the middle of my second year teaching at a great school, and with (almost wonderful) 7th graders...
  4. DDuckFan130

    Happy Birthday stranger!!!

    Have a great day!! :sohappy:
  5. DDuckFan130

    Labor Day Weekend

    Ok so here's my trip report from this weekend. We go a lot (duh) but it's always nice to do something new or experience something new. This was definitely an interesting trip :lol: We stayed at Coronado Springs, which we haven't done in 5 years since the Disney wedding we went to. I was very...
  6. DDuckFan130

    Outdoor booth at DTD question

    Ok, not even sure if I phrased that right :hammer: But, there is this booth outside of the Winnie the Pooh store that makes wooden nameplates or however you want to call them. They cost a certain amount per letter and there is also a charge for putting a character on it. If anyone knows...
  7. DDuckFan130

    Happy Birthday Erika!!!

    Happy Birthday oh fearless mod!!! :sohappy:
  8. DDuckFan130

    Memorial Day Weekend 5/25-5/28/07

    The year 2007 hasn’t really been a good one for me. I experienced student teaching from hell and I had little things here and there that never helped me any. The one bright spot was my college graduation, and well the other bright spot was this past weekend at WDW. Despite the heat, love bugs...
  9. DDuckFan130

    Happy Birthday pinkrose!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!! :sohappy:
  10. DDuckFan130

    Happy Birthday speck76!!!

    Hope you have a great day!!! :sohappy:
  11. DDuckFan130

    Disney Is Calling For All Pirates In Hong Kong

    Just read this over at the Mousevine...sounds interesting! Enjoy :) http://mousevine.com/categories.php?id=1
  12. DDuckFan130

    Vote!!! Pixar (Group 2 of 2)

    m star aeillil epcotfan whatnext nighttimewisher hoppypooh TikiGod Bobster Solace17 HollyBelle
  13. DDuckFan130

    Vote!!! Pixar (Group 1 of 2)

    There were 29 participants this week! Good luck! Gagesmom314 Captain Hank Brett tigsmom ZapperZ joanna71985 nibblesandbits Nicole220 maggiegrace1 no2apprentice
  14. DDuckFan130

    Official Photography Contest 3/30/07 - 4/05/07 Indoor Photography Contest

    Again, sorry nibbs that I'm a day late. I completely forgot :lol: Ladies and gentlemen, nibbs will be back to run things by Monday or Tuesday, but in the meantime have fun and let the indoor photography begin! :D Indoor Photography Contest 3/30-4/5 Indoor Photography Contest...
  15. DDuckFan130

    Happy Birthday MouseMadness!!!!

    Happy happy birthday Christy! Enjoy your day :sohappy:
  16. DDuckFan130

    Before "Ugly Betty" there was...

    Betty la Fea in Colombia. Now, at the same time "Ugly Betty" is on ABC, we also have this on Spanish TV. And I must say, even though I don't watch either very much, I do watch the Mexican version a little more because it's funnier :lol: But I do really like what "Ugly Betty" has accomplished and...
  17. DDuckFan130

    POTC 3 clips on the Disney Channel

    Figured I'd post this since so many of you find Disney Channel so horrible :lookaroun Just saw some previews of the Disney Channel movie surfers, and one of them included POTC 3. I caught the end of it, but they showed Capt. Jack Sparrow saying something like "Didn't any of you come save me...
  18. DDuckFan130

    Happy Birthday MKCP 1985!!!

    Happy Birthday Doug!! Hope it's a great one! :sohappy: :kiss:
  19. DDuckFan130

    Happy Birthday Maria!!!

    Feliz cumpleaños!!! :sohappy: Hope you're not too busy on your birthday and maybe you can check in :wave:
  20. DDuckFan130

    Happy Birthday tigsmom!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!! :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:
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