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  1. heartodisney

    Go Canada!

    Congradulations to Ryder Hesjedal for the first Canadian to lead in the Giro d'Ttalia!
  2. heartodisney

    Disney Movies with Soundtracks

    Now that the release of "The Muppets" has the combo pack with the soundtrack, any thoughts on Disney doing this on other movies, especially when movies re-released from the vault? This has certain appeal to me. I know that we are able to buy soundtracks from various sites and also to download...
  3. heartodisney

    Art of Animation pics

    A wonderful friend of mine, who list very close (insert envy here) has gotten a couple of decent pics of the resort coming up! Enjoy!
  4. heartodisney

    Sith Meditation Sphere Preparation

    YAY! After two years of planning and saving, the time is fast approaching for or next trip! I very much want to thank Kingdom Konsults for the help given and Kudos to Master Yoda for his wonderful help and patience! This was our first ime benefiting from them, and it will not be the last. The...
  5. heartodisney

    Purchasing music at the Parks

    It has been since 2007 when I has last been, and did NOT pay attention to if and where music cd's where avalible. I have ordered from the Disney site, ordered from Amazon, ordered from e-bay, downloaded from I-Tunes (which they are hit and miss, they DO NOT carry all that I have looked for, ie...
  6. heartodisney

    Disney Music "glitches"

    Just wanted to know if anyone has heard or have Disney music that has some sort of "glitch'. I have bought or recorded as much music from Disney..and always want more..and I also listen to Live 365 most of the time with many Disney music sites. Everytime the song "Stave Church Area" music from...
  7. heartodisney

    Happy 4th to All!

    To all that enjoy the freedoms that this wonderful country provides! Thanks to all the troops that give us these liberties, past, present and future. I wish for all a very safe and wonderful holiday!
  8. heartodisney

    Jungle Cruise voice

    I have been listening to "Live 365" all day, something got me to have "FastPass Radio" tuned in...I am always on some other station. At one time, it seemed like a Jungle Cruise was playing and it sounded like Thurl Ravenscroft was the voice. Most all the music and other extras on "FastPass...
  9. heartodisney

    Resort Question

    Our next trip will HOPEFULLY include my sister, brother-in-law and their two teenage girls along with myself, wonderful wife, 4 y.o. daughter and mother-in-law. This will be everyones first trip except for my wife and I. We have a LONG list of things to TRY and do. My sisters' family will arrive...
  10. heartodisney

    Animal Kingdom Entrance

    The Oasis entrance is supposed to serve the same function as Main Street, U.S.A. does at the Magic Kingdom Park, but as unspoiled nature and a buffer zone entering the gates. It is also introduces us to the stories of the park through animal sculptures, ohter animals in close proximinty, rushing...
  11. heartodisney


    In the latest "Celebrations" magazine, there is a very interesting article by Adam Goswick. It goes into the history of AA's into the develpment of the latest A-100 series, Lucky the dino, Push the talking trash can, Wes Palm, The Muppet Mobile Labs (upcoming), and Mr. Potato Head for Toy Story...
  12. heartodisney


    Just listening to the "Timekeeper" soundtrack which is timed out at 18:37, staring Robin Williams and Rhea Perlman (?) as 9eye. Does anyone remember this "ride" and the years it was open?
  13. heartodisney

    Ride Regrets

    On our "06 trip to WDW, I did talk my wonderful wife (she has coaster phobia) into riding Space Mountain. She did ok, and deep down, I really think she enjoyed it. But she now will not try other rides...but will do Splash Mountain and BTM. :confused: I have to scramble to have to ride things...
  14. heartodisney

    Alice in Wonderland Ride?

    With the upcoming new release of said movie, could there be a chance of some type of darkride with this theme? Knowing that Johnny Depp has been placed into one other ride. Development of this would take time, if it got off the ground, any thoughts?
  15. heartodisney

    Celebrations Magazine

    Just walked in from the mailbox and ..poof! Looking into the latest and it goes over Fantasyland(yesterday, today and tomorrow), Space Mountain, The Story behind Pixar, A History of Audio-Animatronics, 3D Magic at WDW, It's a Small World ride, Caribbean Beach Resort and The Lion King...
  16. heartodisney

    Disney kids room

    Anyone out there decorates their kids room in Disney cahracters? We have our daughters room in Winnie the Pooh. Stuffed characters, artwork, bedsheets, ceramic figures, drapery, pic frames..and working on other things. How about you guys? :animwink:
  17. heartodisney

    Magical Breakfast at Home

    :wave: Hello everybody! When you arrive back home, after having GREAT family breakfast's at WDW, do you try something "Magical" at home? I made the mistake of not buying a Mickey waffle maker at a nearby store, and when I went back..gone. I know they are out there somewhere and I will obtain it...
  18. heartodisney

    Haunted Mansion Music

    I have just heard for the second time on internet radio, "The Story and Song from the Haunted Mansion" (24:26) from The Haunted Mansion Unauthorized 36th Anniversary-Disc One. Has anyone else heard this? Also, if you have heard this, one of the ghost voices that "shows" the two around the house...
  19. heartodisney

    Tower of Terror Music

    The Internet radio I listen to while at home plays some very interesting music. I just would like to know if anyone else has noticed while you are waiting to "check in" the ride if you have noticed music playing? I have a listing of three songs found on this site, anyone else have any? "Can't...
  20. heartodisney

    Your own video on rides

    Ok wonderful Disney people, I have seen many people take pics on the rides and have seen video of some of the rides (the Haunted Mansion video was awsome!). But, are there rules that are in place that you can or cannot take your own video camera onboard? I know there would be issues with keeping...
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