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    Website probs

    Is it just me, or is the dvcmember website a slow mess of late? I tried logging on with my phone, my home computer, and my office computer in the last 12 hours, and I can't get past the balloons and circle of doom. All other websites I wanted to access have been fine. Just dvcmember has been...
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    Eastern Med ever coming back?

    So, years ago we opted for the Barcelona to Venice cruise instead of the Eastern Med to various Greek and Turkish ports of call. Bad choice. Eastern Med hasn't been offered since. Is it gonna come back anytime soon?
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    Barcelona. 11 a.m. flight.

    Our flight out of Barcelona after our cruise is 11 a.m. Disney recommends not having a flight until 11.30 a.m. Will we have enough time?
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    Transatlantic, boring?

    We're taking the Magic from Miami to Spain in May. Questions galore: 1. Ever get bored? 2. Warm enough to swim? 3. Seasickness? Thanks for any help y'all might give.
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    Website probs on my phone.

    It's been more than a year since the Dvcmember site has worked on my phone. I log in, and it shuffles between the balloon "Almost there" screen and password screen, with about 2 seconds in between. Anyone else suffering similarly? And anyone know a cure?
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    Are lines really that long?

    So, having some Wurthercorn at the Epcot German pavilion, I struck up a conversation with a wonderful Asian couple having a bratwurst and beer. They said the lines at Tokyo Disneyland are very long, far worse than our Orlando lines. Is this true?
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    Beach Club Studio big enough?

    Anomalously, the Beach Club studio sleeps 5, but the one bedroom sleeps 4. There's only 4 of us, but my son is 19 and daughter is 13. They can't sleep in the same bed. How tight would it be for us in a studio at the Beach Club?
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    Impressed by Universal

    I posted much of this in the Universal thread, but thought it apropos to put it here as well. My daughter and I took a cab from the Boardwalk to Universal to see Harry Potter on December 28th. Very impressed. Here's why: 1. The Harry Potter areas are wonderful. 2. Forbidden Journey is...
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    Impressed in our first visit

    So my daughter and I took a cab from the Boardwalk to Universal on December 28th to see the Harry Potter stuff. Very impressed. I assume we will be going to Universal for a day or two during all of our visits. Here's why: 1. The Harry Potter attractions are excellent. 2. Forbidden...
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