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  1. Uncle Lupe

    Trip Report Return of the Noob......Fuzzy Memories part 2? Now Playing.

    I know this is really delayed but I finally have my pics uploaded and soon enough this will begin. Just have been so worn out form work and trying to do projects and running to after school stuff not much time to just sit down and relax. Let alone try to compile 2000+ pics and videos. This TR...
  2. Uncle Lupe

    Walt Disney Studios mailing address

    Looking for a physical address to send a letter concerning the latest movie Winkle in Time. I have found email contact but would feel better sending an actual letter for a change. Even if it just goes into the industrial shredder I will feel better that I at least tried.
  3. Uncle Lupe

    TSA Candy Snack Check.

    Just flew out of Orlando and had to empty all snacks and candy out of our carry ons. They were swabbed and tested. So if doing MNNSHP or using up dining credits for the trip home plan accordingly. Everone was being body screened.
  4. Uncle Lupe

    Pre-Trip Return of the Noob......coming soon this Fall 2017

    Dim the house lights, que epic fanfare......... 3... 2.. 1. and action!!!! Vader by Uncle Lupe, on Flickr So that was a long time ago but not so far away. That pic is about 10 years old and should set the mood of what kind of guy I am, especially on vacation. I was working, can't ya...
  5. Uncle Lupe

    Ebay Find....Disney obsession confirmed?

    So I have been gathering stuff to decorate and utilize in our work in progress "movie" room. Have been buying movie posters, wall art, and a few small pieces of used movie/ theater equipment. I was browsing Ebay and came across something I have been wanting to get for decoration. But what...
  6. Uncle Lupe

    Trip Cancelled..... Need Help with Surprise!

    OK so nothing big. However with our annual beach trip in October cancelled this year I decided to take at least one day for a date night. I was able to get two great tickets to Beauty and the Beast @ the Palace Theater in Columbus, OH Oct 13th 2p.m. A date night for just us is a very rare...
  7. Uncle Lupe

    Thanks AEP friends and others..

    If someone in your family is helping with the power restoration in the east, particularly southern Ohio we thank you. My family was in the line on fire of the severe weather that impacted Ohio and other states. My house suffered no damage but others were not so lucky. Some people I work with...
  8. Uncle Lupe

    Spell Check?

    Is there still a spell check feature for posting?
  9. Uncle Lupe

    Fuzzy Memories of a Noobs First Trip report

    Pre Trip: I call myself a noob because it had been 20+ yrs when my last visit took place. I was just a young teen, Universal had just opened and the park wars were in full swing. I was not a coaster nut and Big thunder scared the crap out of me. Space Mountain I absolutely loved. Go figure. Now...
  10. Uncle Lupe

    Alice in Magic Kingdom

    October 14th 2011, 11am. I have no idea how many women play Alice but this one made our last day the most memorable part of the trip. So if some how in a strange cosmic way this ever gets to her. Thank you so much. Uploading this to the Memories website was a horrible ordeal. Had to take...
  11. Uncle Lupe

    Chemotherapy Port and Disney

    Hi friends, looking for some advice if possible. So 10 days before our big trip begins my mother as been diagnosed with breast cancer. :cry: Talk about bringing me out of the Disney spirit and back to reality with a kick in the gut. She will have a port put in before the vacation and the...
  12. Uncle Lupe

    Kid Friendly Steak or Fish resturant?

    I'm looking for suggestions to a good steak or fish restaurant that is tolerant to young kids and on property. Not wanting to do a signature dining experience with a 2.5 yr old. We are hitting that terrible two's stage and finishing a meal at Bob Evan's can be difficult. :lol: I am trying to...
  13. Uncle Lupe

    Non Disney Employee Corporate Discounts

    So what non Disney employer gives the best employee discounts for Disney World? I can get discounts on tickets like 5 for the price of 3 or 7 for the price of 4. Unfortunately no discounts on Disney hotels or dining. Can get a small discount on MYW tickets. This will be nice if Disney stops...
  14. Uncle Lupe

    Holy Crap, I'm a Dad!

    Just had a girl on 6-2-09 any good advice for a first time father? :sohappy: I won't be on here as much so keep the Space Mountain debate alive until I can rejoin the discussions.
  15. Uncle Lupe

    Room question, Standard or Preferred

    What would be the difference in room if you choose a preferred room at a value resort over a standard room at a moderate resort? From what I have found prices can be similar.
  16. Uncle Lupe

    Disney Webcams?

    Just wondering if there are and WDW webcams? Found one from the Howard Johnson looking into DL but can find nothing else.
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