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  1. TurboCaroline

    mobile ordering question

    Will I be able to use my Disney Visa redemption card when I use mobile ordering? I see that anyone with a DDP or gift card can't use it but the redemption card isn't a gift card. Anyone tried it yet?
  2. TurboCaroline

    discounted tickets through Farm Bureau

    My husband just became a member at Farm Bureau and I was looking through their discount offers and they have discounts for Disney tickets. I already have a package booked through Disney's website for our trip in November. I compared prices and we could save $166 on our 4 day base tickets. I'm...
  3. TurboCaroline

    Thanksgiving week room discounts

    We are wanting to go to WDW from Nov 17th-Nov 22nd this year and stay at the All Star Music family suites. Is this a blackout week or would a 30% room discount apply(if that's what the discount is)? The rack rate is $364/night according to Mousesavers. The disney website quoted me $313/night for...
  4. TurboCaroline

    An abandoned WDW

    :jawdrop: I hope this never happens! http://distographers.com/life-without-disney-spooky-images-of-an-abandoned-wdw/
  5. TurboCaroline

    Stroller for a large 6 year old

    I'm going to WDW the first week of June and I'm wanting to rent a stroller for my son. The only problem is that he is at the maximum height and weight limit for the strollers through Magic Strollers. He's 65 pounds and 50" tall right now and I'm guessing he'll grow some more by June. He's the...
  6. TurboCaroline

    American Idol: Season 10

    Ok...a little late starting this thread but oh well...So what's everyone think about this season so far? I think I like the new judges...Steven Tyler is hilarious.. Not too sure about some of the contestants they put through to Hollywood though. :shrug:
  7. TurboCaroline

    American Idol: Season 9

    Well it starts again tonight. I'm curious to see what it is like with Ellen instead of Paula...Also it's Simon Cowell's last season which in my opinion is the end of the show...It wouldn't be the same without him...:shrug:
  8. TurboCaroline

    Problem with iphone...

    I'm on my way to work this morning stuck in traffic because someone got in a wreck and I needed to call work to tell them I was going to be late and then I look at my phone and all it was doing was blinking the Apple logo over and over and when I pressed the main button on the front nothing...
  9. TurboCaroline

    American Idol: Season 8!

    :lookaroun Here we go again...:D
  10. TurboCaroline

    Which miniature golf course should I choose?

    I got the free round of miniature golf with my vacation package and I would like to know which one I should choose as I have never been to either...:)
  11. TurboCaroline

    Quick question about my ADR's...

    I have already made my ADR's for my trip in 2 weeks but now my dad is joining us on our trip. Do I need to call to add him to the ADR or can we just show up and get a table with all three of us instead of two? Ugh I just realized that I put this in the News and Rumors and not Trip...
  12. TurboCaroline

    Any room discounts for June?

    I was just wondering if there may be discounted room prices coming out for June? I have never gone to WDW in the summer before so I'm not sure if they even discount rooms during this time. I am waiting on booking my room at POFQ for a little longer to see if anything is announced. :shrug: Thanks
  13. TurboCaroline

    Disney magic to the rescue..

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24248787/?GT1=43001 Those people were very lucky...:lol:
  14. TurboCaroline

    Houston or Atlanta?

    I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I would like to go see the Cubs play this year since it has been a LONG time since I have been to a game. The closest places are Houston or Atlanta. I think it is about a 6 hour drive either way so that isn't the deciding factor. My friend was telling me...
  15. TurboCaroline

    What's your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid?

    I was just curious....:) Mine is cherry...:slurp:
  16. TurboCaroline

    Britney was drugged!!

    This explains a lot...how could he do this to her... http://www.eonline.com/news/article/index.jsp?uuid=f2b2729f-8f69-4c0f-9473-c6cd91f0046d
  17. TurboCaroline

    confused about tv resolution...

    I am confused about resolutions..My tv is similar to this..not the exact model but close enough...I think mine is 5000:1 instead of 8000:1 but anyway mine is 720p. I just bought a PS3 yesterday and it can display 1080p. So does that mean I can't get the full advantage out of the PS3 or does the...
  18. TurboCaroline

    American Idol: Season 7!!

    It's time for another season of American Idol! It starts tomorrow (1/15) at 8/7c. Here's what Simon is saying about this season: http://www.americanidol.com/news/view/?pid=1137
  19. TurboCaroline

    MVMCP 40% off photopass pics...

    Well I learned something new today. I was looking through all my photopass pictures online and there were a couple that we took on the night of our MVMCP. I added them to my cart but there was no discount applied. Well I got out my MVMCP park map and read on the back that there is a code on the...
  20. TurboCaroline

    Caroline's fun filled trip to WDW!!

    Here's my trip report from 12-09 to 12-13... It started off on Sunday the 9th with our 8 hr drive to WDW. It actually went by pretty fast this time for some reason...Everything was going smoothly until we were near Chipley FL. We were crusing along at about 85 mph and I noticed a cop going the...
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