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  1. TP2000

    SoCal Stay-At-Home Order: Sea World Now Closed

    https://www.ocregister.com/2020/12/06/seaworld-san-diego-closes-again-due-to-stay-at-home-order/ SeaWorld San Diego has been forced to reclose and cancel holiday events at the marine park because of a Southern California stay-at-home order set to go into effect this weekend. SeaWorld will...
  2. TP2000

    The Untold Minor Backstory of It's A Small World

    I've been enjoying Jack Plotnick for many years in many different formats (stage, screen, bars, etc.). But his recent videos about the history of Disneyland are particularly brilliant. Here Mr. Plotnick details the behind-the-scenes drama that took place as Walt Disney brought It's A Small World...
  3. TP2000

    Surprise! Stay-At-Home Order Now Lifted; Downtown Disney Restaurants???

    I know it seems like we don't need yet another thread talking about how Disneyland is still closed, but it seems like this is news that some folks may need and that shouldn't be buried in a months old thread with an unrelated title. So I apologize in advance if this is redundant, but it seems...
  4. TP2000

    2021 D23 Expo Postponed Until 2022 Due To Covid

    I didn't see this mentioned in the main "Everything Sucks And Disneyland Is Still Closed" thread, or whichever variant of that basic topic has not yet been banished to the Politics forum. But... The 2021 D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center has been now postponed until September, 2022...
  5. TP2000

    Senator Feinstein Now Flies Maskless: Nancy Pelosi's Salongate 2020

    You won't have seen this on CNN or MSNBC today, but on Monday August 31st at 3:00pm, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in San Francisco and got a fresh cut, a shampoo and rinse, and a blow out at a closed hair salon. All without wearing a mask. No one else in San Francisco is allowed to do this...
  6. TP2000

    Oogie Boogie Bash Cancelled for 2020 at DCA

    In sort of surprising news that isn't that surprising, the big Halloween extra-cost party at DCA has been cancelled for 2020. These parties generally start in late September and run through October 31st two or three nights per week. From the OC Register... "It’s only July but it’s already...
  7. TP2000

    Another Hit To SoCal Tourism = 2021 Rose Parade Cancelled

    As if the SoCal tourism economy and hospitality industry needed another setback, they have just cancelled the Rose Parade this January. The game is still trying to be planned, but without an audience. https://abc7.com/rose-parade-2021-canceled-bowl-tournament-of-roses/6318666/
  8. TP2000

    Disney+ Hamilton Under Fire As Racist - Lin Manuel Miranda Apologizes

    Within just a couple days of Hamilton being available on Disney+, it faced increasing criticism for glorifying racism and glossing over the white supremacy that the entire play is rooted in. Alexander Hamilton owned slaves and worked as an accountant for a trading company that shipped slaves to...
  9. TP2000

    Downtown Disney Reopens July 9th - Tracking The Changes & Closures

    Even though the parks are indefinitely delayed (again), Downtown Disney is reported to be going ahead with its reopening plan next Thursday, July 9th. The Grand Californian Hotel and Paradise Pier Hotel will remain closed, along with nearly every other hotel in the Anaheim Resort District except...
  10. TP2000

    Poll: What Will Disneyland's Operating Hours Be This Summer?

    I just posed this question in the massive Covid thread, but then I thought it would be fun to do a poll instead! :D Assuming their "Proposed Reopening" (the language currently on Disneyland.com) is approved by Governor Newsom, Disneyland and DCA will obviously have drastically reduced operating...
  11. TP2000

    2020 Grad Nites Now Cancelled - Tradition Since 1961

    Not a huge surprise, but another big hit to the culture and continuity of Southern California life, and another hit to the history of Disneyland. Disneyland has now officially cancelled all of its Grad Nites for 2020. The 16 different Grad Nite dates were set to begin in mid May and run through...
  12. TP2000

    DCA's Marvel Land Opening Delayed - July 18th Opening Date Cancelled

    "The Disneyland website that once proclaimed Avengers Campus would be “opening July 18” now says the new Marvel themed land is “coming soon.” https://www.ocregister.com/2020/04/10/disney-delays-opening-of-new-marvel-avengers-campus-amid-coronavirus-shutdown/
  13. TP2000

    A Pictorial Of An Abandoned Anaheim Resort District - How Does It Recover?

    Because I spent the morning with contractors in my house ripping apart my guest bathroom, I went for a walk late this afternoon for some peace and quiet. Something told me to go check out Disneyland, and I'm glad I did. I knew the place was shut down, and I knew the neighboring businesses were...
  14. TP2000

    Disneyland Resort CLOSED on March 14th Indefinitely - No Known Reopening Date

    Breaking news! Just announced on the radio that Disneyland will be closing effective Saturday, March 14th and remain closed through at least March 31st.
  15. TP2000

    Disneyland Resort's Last Day Of Operation Wait Times - Friday, March 13th.

    I can see the writing on the wall where this current Coronavirus panic is going. And a reminder that we have an active and interesting thread on the Coronavirus in general here...
  16. TP2000

    Disney World Jungle Cruise Boat Sinks - Create Your Own Joke!

    So this happened today out at Disney World. A Jungle Cruise boat took on water and sank midway through the cruise, stranding a bunch of tourists on the sinking craft. Please write your own jokes.
  17. TP2000

    Will Disneyland USA suffer? ALL Of Disney's Theme Parks Now Closed - Reopening Dates Unknown

    I woke up way too early today for some reason, and the news is blaring that Disney will be closing Shanghai Disneyland indefinitely effective end of business today, due to the spreading Coronavirus across China. This is the start of their extremely busy Lunar New Year vacation period, which...
  18. TP2000

    The 2010's - A Disneyland Resort Decade In Review!

    I got home from Christmas vacation a few hours ago, I'm still on Hawaii time, and while flying across the Pacific this thread idea came to me. Surprisingly, Hawaiian Airlines has no WiFi service on its planes, even the flagship routes to the West Coast on their big new A330's, so I had to jot...
  19. TP2000

    DCA's Viva Navidad! and my Christmas wish for all of you!

    In the fun Top 3 thread that @1LE McQueen started, I listed the Viva Navidad! show at DCA as one of my favorites. I don't think you could get a bigger dose of Christmas cheer with a SoCal flair if you tried, and it's a sparkling little jewel in Disneyland's crown of many holiday happenings. But...
  20. TP2000

    2019 Candlelight Processional: Narrator Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton)

    Tonight is the Candlelight Processional at Disneyland, a tradition that Walt Disney started in 1958 to thank the local business community for their support of Disneyland throughout the year. Each year hundreds of local choirs process across the entire park before filing in front of the Main...
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