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  1. DreamfinderGuy

    Rumor Rainbow Corridor to be revived at the Odyssey? (Per site that shall not be named)

    Newest "RUMOR" is up stating that the original tunnel is going to be reinstalled at the Epcot Experience Center this August. Can anyone provide insight into this or is it more of Clueless' drivel?
  2. DreamfinderGuy

    News Incident at Spaceship Earth today (3/16/19)

    So, today as I was riding Spaceship Earth, it became apparent that almost every AA figure was dead. This included key figures such as the Greek scholar and Phoenicians, all the way down to minor ones like Steve Jobs. As if this wasn’t bad enough, I got the wrong people on my touchscreen ending...
  3. DreamfinderGuy

    News Spaceship Earth is Leaking

    Cast says ride is closed for the day, water is flowing from the bottom of the sphere, and there’s puddles everywhere. Hearing that it has something to do with the HVAC System
  4. DreamfinderGuy

    Trying to place a backstage image from the Wonders of Life pavilion.

    Hey everyone! I was looking through an old hard drive of Disney pictures i've accumulated over the years, and found something interesting, what appeared to be a backstage photo at Disney. I at first couldn't place it, but then I noticed an image from Body Wars near the center. This lead me to...
  5. DreamfinderGuy

    Ellen's Energy Adventure Music Hunt

    Hey everyone, i've been searching recently for the track played initially as Theatre 1 rotates toward the diorama and the track that played during the diorama (I couldn't care less about the narration though) with no luck, I was wondering if anybody out there has a clean rip of this? If so a...
  6. DreamfinderGuy

    Universe Of Energy BGM 1982-1996?

    Anybody know where I can find this loop? I've been searching for a while with no luck, it appears to be lost media at this point.
  7. DreamfinderGuy

    Missing Camera

    Hey everyone. I know this is a longshot but on March 14th I lost a camera at EPCOT I remember the exact spot I set it down and 2 minutes later when I went back for it, it was gone. That makes me think it was stolen and Lost + Found doesn't have it. Just wondered if anyone here might have found it.
  8. DreamfinderGuy

    Take me to your vintage content!

    Simple, I'm looking for vintage wdw pictures, video and audio. More specifically looking for original Epcot footage, please do not link to Martin Smith as I have seen all of his amazing content. I just need some clips for a project
  9. DreamfinderGuy

    Wonders Of Life/Festival Center not opening to accommodate International Festival Of The Arts

    This may not seem like news to most of you, but the WOL/Festival Center pavilion is not going to be open for the new Art festival debuting next week. This wouldn't surprise me considering Holidays around the World doesn't have it open and that is considered a major festival, but the is one minor...
  10. DreamfinderGuy

    10 years without any wonders

    Well everyone, It has officially been 10 years since Wonders of Life was open to guests at Epcot. Most of you I believe have had enough with it after all the Body Wars news lately, but this thread is dedicated to the memory. Everyone is welcome to share their WOL experiences below.
  11. DreamfinderGuy

    The ImageWorks, and not the downstairs one.

    Okay everyone, I'm sure this thread is quite pointless but I have an issue that has been bugging me and I want one (or multiple) of you to help me out. This requires alot of courage and I'm sure you already know where this is going, but first let me tell my backstory. A few days ago I got the...
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