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  1. HollyBelle

    Trip Report What happens in the Cabana, Stays in the Cabana: A September 2013 Girls' Cruise Adventure

    You read that correctly... we're taking you back, way back to last September! In honor of its one year anniversary, we feel the need to celebrate the best cruise ever! Oh, you guys, this cruise was simply made of win. I mean, what could be better than a Bahamian getaway with 27 of your...
  2. HollyBelle

    Trip Report To Disneyland, with Love: A June 2013 Trip Report

    What can I say, Disneyland?! I’m writing you this love letter because you managed to steal a little piece of my heart. The time we spent with you last summer was unbelievably magical for this little family of ours. Seeing how long it’s been since my last trip report, I may be a new face to...
  3. HollyBelle

    A Whole New World: An October 2012 Trip Report

    Alternately titled the “We’re those people now!” trip report! Well hello there, wdwmagic, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m hollybelle. And, once upon a time, I was not the mother of a little pint sized pirate baby. And in those days (despite what I may have thought then), I had all...
  4. HollyBelle

    There's A Human in the Human Tank: A November 2011 Trip Report

    So here we are, it’s June, and I’m just now getting around to posting our Thanksgiving trip report. Sigh. I was MIA on the boards for the first few months of the year mostly due to chaos and craziness at work. Don’t those people know that’s when I get most of my trip reporting done...
  5. HollyBelle

    Let’s Get Down to Business, to Defeat… the Run: A Wine & Dine Half Marathon TR

    What can I say? I’ve been more than just a little obsessed with naming my reports after Disney songs as of late! Things have been quite crazy in our lives since the last trip report was posted. We spent the better parts of October and November house hunting and then found our “dream” home...
  6. HollyBelle

    To Infinity and Beyond: A May 2011 Pixar Weekend Trip Report

    Less than one month after returning from my April trip, and just two months after our wedding/Disneymoon trip, Brett and I were back at the World. How’d it happen, you ask? Well, on a rainy Friday morning, two weeks prior to Pixar Weekend, Brett sent me an email detailing some of the rare...
  7. HollyBelle

    Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go: An April/July 2011 Trip Report

    Yep. It’s me again! And guess what? This report is going to go up soooo much faster than that last one. Well, Part I is at least. No, really. Promise! Here’s the thing, just three short weeks after returning from our Wedding/Disneymoon extravaganza, I found myself back at the World ready to...
  8. HollyBelle

    A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: A March 2011 Disney Wedding/Honeymoon Trip Report

    It’s official! Brett and I are finally married and I couldn’t be more excited. We had the most perfect wedding day ever, at our most favorite place in the whole entire world. And of course, as expected, it went by all too quickly. I’m not going to lie, coming down off the high that was our...
  9. HollyBelle

    Once Upon A Dream: A March 2011 Disney Wedding/Honeymoon Pre-Trip Report!

    FINALLY! We’re getting married... that’s right, I said married. After seven years of dating and 21 trips to Disney World together, the time has finally come. Oh dear, where do I even start? I’m constantly splattering our faces (and vacation stories) all over the internet so I never quite...
  10. HollyBelle

    Tis the Season to be Freezin': A December 2010 Trip Report

    Hello, again! :wave: I’m back with yet another holiday trip report, and I just realized this was my and Brett’s sixth consecutive trip to Disney World for the Christmas season! We really are so lucky. It was just us for the first two, but since 2007 we’ve been enjoying annual December trips...
  11. HollyBelle


  12. HollyBelle

    Congratulations Wine & Diners!!!

    Yesterday I kept thinking to myself, "I know October 2nd means something, but what is it?!" Then I realized it was the Inaugural Wine and Dine Half!!! Woohooo... I just wanted to say congrats to all those who went out for it. I can't wait to hear about the course and see those rare character...
  13. HollyBelle

    Just Engaged: An August 2010 Trip Report!

    As the title suggests, this was an especially exciting trip for us and I can’t wait to share all of the fun details. Seeing as how I am lucky enough to write one of these every few months or so, I’m going to forego the normal introductions. Instead, why don’t I share five non-Disney things you...
  14. HollyBelle

    Four Parks in Two Days with One Disney Newbie: A June 2010 Trip Report!

    Hi everyone… I’m back with a quick trip report, but I’ve got something a little different for you all this time around! In mid-June I found out I had to go to Orlando for a work-related meeting, like, the following week! Of course, any good Disney fan called to Orlando for whatever reason...
  15. HollyBelle

    So This Is Love: A 2010 Princess Half Marathon Trip Report!

    Hi everyone! We returned almost two weeks ago from a quick weekend stay at Disney’s Pop Century resort, March 5-8. I swear, I finish one trip report and it’s time to turn around and start another one. :D Seeing that my last report hasn’t moved down the page too far, I’m going to be brief...
  16. HollyBelle

    Celebrating Christmas at the Cape: A December 2009 Trip Report

    Woohooo… Christmas at Disney World. Is there any better way to celebrate the season?! I’m a little late posting, but that’s because about a week after we returned from Disney we left again… this time for a New Year’s Eve cruise! Now that I’m back and reality has set in, I’m excited to relive...
  17. HollyBelle

    Question about AP special with three extra months

    I did a search for this but couldn't find anything. So, our annual passes are about to expire and we received the offer to renew and get a bonus three months on our pass. Meaning our new pass will expire after 15 months, instead of 12. A great deal for us!! :sohappy: Now, for some reason I...
  18. HollyBelle

    Lodge-hopping... from the Pacific Northwest to an African Savannah: A July 2009 TR!

    Last week we returned from our summer Disney fix so it’s time again for another monster trip report!! This one is sure to dwarf my previous reports in sheer size alone considering it was a 9 night/10 day stay at WDW and all our past trips have ranged from 3-5 night stays. I must say it’s a bit...
  19. HollyBelle

    When will July AP resort rates be released?

    Due to Disney withdrawal, we are considering booking a last minute trip for mid July. Does anyone know when the resort rates for annual passholders will be released for that time of year, if at all? I don't want to book at rack rates if a release date is right around the corner, and I believe we...
  20. HollyBelle

    Going the Distance... From Mile 1 to 26.2: A Marathon Weekend 2009 Trip Report

    So it’s been four weeks since my boyfriend, Brett (27), and I (26) accomplished a goal we’d only dreamed about in the months leading up to our January 2009 trip… we finished the Walt Disney World Marathon :sohappy:!!! For those of you who have read either of my first two (extremely...
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