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  1. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Well, we're all reliving past trips, so... January 2011

    Hey all! Since we are all having to get our Disney World fix by reliving past trips, I thought I'd ya know...FINISH one I never did finish from years ago :banghead: This was a trip from January 2011, involving several family members. I did begin the trip report, but instead of finishing in...
  2. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Jut on in! 40-year-old Best Friends' POFQ Trip, June 2019 *COMPLETED*

    Hello, all!! Just got back yesterday from the World (but WHY?! is the trip over already?! I will never understand...), and I'm ready to begin our Trip Report!! For those of you who want a refresher, or who didn't see it, HERE is our Pre-Trip report, but to summarize: WHO: My best friend P...
  3. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip A Bestie trip to POFQ~ June 2019

    [a bit of wordy background. If you want to just get to the nuts & bolts of this Pre-trip report, skip ahead to the bold] Sometimes the student becomes the master. I guess it is presumptuous of me to call myself a master, but lemme explain. Back in March of 2001, my best friend of a couple...
  4. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Disney Dreamin' of a night at AKL--a little bit of a different trip...COMPLETED

    Well, this trip is coming up on us fast! This will be a different trip, as we won't even be setting foot in a park--crazy I know! I hope I can manage. @Mrhappyplace has his doubts, but as I have a trip planned in June, I think I'll be ok. The Details Who: Myself, Amber, age 40-gah- at time...
  5. myhappyplace

    Need a Disney-inspired cat name

    Calling @Tuvalu and @lostpro9het ...and anyone else that wants to chime in! We are seeking a Disney-inspired, though not necessarily a character, name for this little cutie: It's a girl, obviously calico. Any ideas?
  6. myhappyplace

    Trip Report It's Not Goodbye, It's "See Ya Real Soon, AP"/ SSR December trip report *COMPLETED*

    Hi everybody! We are back from our last trip from this whirlwind Annual Pass year. Sadly, we have decided to be all responsible and stuff this next year, doing household improvements and repairs. Boo. For DH, it comes at a good time, as he is feeling he needed a break anyway. Definitely not me...
  7. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip Last Trip of our Whirlwind AP Year- December Saratoga Springs

    I'm going to go ahead and get this started, 12.5 weeks to go! When: December 14th-17th Where: Saratoga Springs (we went through DVC Rental Store this time...we wanted AKL but it wasn't available...someday!) Why: Well, as the title suggests, our AP runs out soon, so one more trip is in order...
  8. myhappyplace

    Trip Report In Before Irma! A September Beach Club mini-trip! *COMPLETED*

    We are Amber (myhappyplace) and Dave (Mrhappyplace), married couple celebrating 4 years with a quick trip to the Beach Club Resort, from September 7-10. Our short little pretrip thread is available for reading if you want background. Let's back up to two Fridays prior to our trip, when I woke...
  9. myhappyplace

    Spice Road Table vs. Restaurant Marrakesh for Illuminations?

    My husband and I loved seeing Illuminations with the Holiday tag during our trip last December, while at Rose & Crown, and wanted to do the same at one of the other World Showcase Restaurants that offer Illuminations viewing. Which restaurant in Morocco would that be?
  10. myhappyplace

    Trip Report May 2017 Caribbean Beach Resort/ Flower & Garden Trip **COMPLETED**

    We're back already!! :( As always, it went far too fast! A little intro: We are myhappyplace (Amber) and Mrhappyplace (David). This was our 4th trip to the World as married folks (I've gone over 10 times prior to meeting DH, and he went on one day trips several times as a child). (from our...
  11. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip Bounceback to the Beach Club for Food & Wine (September 2017)

    Who: DH (@Mrhappyplace ) and me- Amber! When: Thursday, September 7th- Sunday, September 10th, 2017 Where: Beach Club Sorry for the inundation of of Trip Report threads and Pre-Trip threads, but it's easier for us to add our plans as we make them in their own threads! So this trip came about...
  12. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Getting the Most Out of Our APs...or True Dedication: 2 Solo-ish Weekend Trips in a Row! COMPLETED

    Hi everybody!! This trip report will be a little different for us, well, me. I had the opportunity (?) To drive myself 7 hours each way from North GA to WDW for two weekends in a row, just getting back tonight from the second. Since DH (Mrhappyplace) and I became AP holders in December, we have...
  13. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Our First December Trip! A Bay Lake Tower/ Dream Cruise Land & Sea Report ***COMPLETED***

    Hi everyone!! Back from a wonderful trip only yesterday. Among laundry loads, grocery shopping, giving the cats the attention they're craving, not to mention recovering from my sea legs (I have no trouble ever on the cruise ship, but the first day or two afterwards, I still feel the motion of...
  14. myhappyplace

    Bounceback Offers

    Talk to me please about bounceback offers...are they always the same? Is it based on the resort you are a) at, or b) want for the future trip? What is involved/ included, or what's the incentive? We are upgrading to an AP on our December trip. We then have a definite May trip booked. I am going...
  15. myhappyplace

    May the Fourth...you know the rest

    Looking over our May trip plans, my husband noticed today that we will be at the World over May the 4th. Obviously we are not huge Star Wars fans, or we probably wouldve noticed sooner, but wondered if it would be worth it to visit DHS that day, maybe for a part-day (because we have a day...
  16. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip Our Unexpected (thanks pin code!) Spring Caribbean Beach Trip

    Also known as "The I have the Best Hubby in the World" PTR, or "I Wanna Be Like @Tuvalu and Have Our Next NEXT Trip Planned!" PTR :joyfull: So, we have our December 2016 Land & Sea trip pretty well planned, and are just counting down the days. Discussions between DH and I have been along the...
  17. myhappyplace

    Possible First Time Stay @Caribbean Beach...advice?

    We are looking at trying Caribbean Beach for the first time this spring, and in looking through information regarding bus stops, proximity to main area, etc and wanted your advice. This trip will be just DH and me. We wanted to be in the Epcot resort area since it will be Flower & Garden time...
  18. myhappyplace

    December parade question

    I've never been in December before; we are going Dec 1-4. The Christmas parade will obviously run during MVMCP (we are going Dec 1), but what will the afternoon and evening parades be on a regular day in early December?
  19. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip Our December 2016 BLT/ Dream 4-night Trip (& first time renting points)

    Hi all!!! Welcome to the pre-trip thread of our next trip! We are myhappyplace (Amber, age 38 at time of trip), and my husband Mrhappyplace (David, age 46 at time of trip). If you read our last trip report where we went on our first DCL cruise, you will recall that we booked our next trip while...
  20. myhappyplace

    December 2016-Parks Before/After Cruise? Advice Please!

    Hi everybody! Just trying to pencil down some plans for our next trip, in December 2016. We have booked the Disney Dream 4 night cruise departing December 5th. What we are wondering now, is should we add our park days before or after this, for optimal crowd levels, yet ability to see the parks...
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