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  1. JustInTime

    Broken Wheezy

    So Wheezy hasn’t moved in weeks. I figured it was time to start a Wheezy status watch thread 😂 But seriously, any idea when he’ll be moving again?
  2. JustInTime

    The trees in front of Haunted Mansion have been cut down

    Unfortunately, the trees in front of the mansion have been removed. I don’t care for this new look. Hopefully they aren’t done.
  3. JustInTime

    Ohana dinner

    Hello, all. I made a rookie mistake and was holding off on making dining reservations until free dining was announced. Well, yesterday it hit me I could make the reservations now and book the vacation later. My problem is I need Ohana September 29th for dinner. It’s a very special birthday...
  4. JustInTime

    Yet another fastpass+ question!

    So if you reserve fast passes, is that all you get for the day? Can you no longer get them the day of in the parks? Do you not get 3 a day now? So if I have my three can I not get more when I arrive in the parks? Sorry haven't been since 2011 and it's not clear on how this works. Thank you!
  5. JustInTime

    Fantasmic/Star Wars show question...

    Okay, I just noticed something. The Star Wars firework show always plays at the same time as fantasmic. Which means I'll have to choose which to see for my up coming trip. What are they thinking? Has anyone else ran into this problem? I am not sure what I should do.
  6. JustInTime

    Harry Potter phase 3?

    I am curious if there is a chance that there will be more Potter in the works. I read a few rumors today on this site and then have been hearing rumors elsewhere. Is it still a possibility? Also, what were Rowling's terms for expansion? New content for each film? Also, I think the amount of...
  7. JustInTime

    Paint the night is not moving to Disney World. Stop bumping this.

    With Disney just announcing that Paint the Night is closing later this year, internet chatter says that the parade is moving to Disney World. Can anybody confirm this? I would find it hard to believe a year old parade wouldn't be relocated. UPDATE: it’s not.
  8. JustInTime

    Did Rowling visit?

    Does anybody know if Rowling visited Diagon Alley? We know she was VERY hands off this time around and I have yet to hear anything about her getting to go. She just got back from Visiting Japan, btw. I loved the new section. The only thing I think she would not have liked, was the shop...
  9. JustInTime

    Blackout Dates?

    Hello, all! We are planning yet another Disney trip but I am a bit concerned about blackout dates. We really want to take advantage on some sort of discount that we know will be going on, but looks like the dates we have selected are pretty much guaranteed to be blacked out! I didn't realize how...
  10. JustInTime

    Bottled Butterbeer, finally!

    Hello, all! Since the Wizarding World opened, fans everywhere have been wondering how you can get Butterbeer from home. Beside making your own (I have a recipe that taste just like the park's brew), a company called Reed's has made the genius decision of bottling their own "butterscotch beer". I...
  11. JustInTime

    HPATFJ Whomping Willow...

    The past 2 times I have ridden HPATFJ, the Whomping Willow's arm no longer moved. It really was a let down because when it's not moving it kinda messes up that entire scene. Plus I noticed that when it's stationary you can see the mechanics of the arm. Last I heard it was broken. Any recent...
  12. JustInTime

    To dress up or not to dress up...

    Ok, so myself and two other friends are going to WDW in about 11 days. We are doing MNSSHP. We are ages 24, 25 and 21. My question is...should we dress up? Would it be strange with our ages and the fact that it's only going to be mid-september? And should we Trick-r-Treat? I think it would be...
  13. JustInTime

    New Magic Kingdom parade?

    There are some very healthy conversations going on around the Disney fandom about a new Magic Kingdom Parade that is most likely going to be announced. I think it's about time that wdwmagic got in on the rumors/discussions. Especially seeing what happened with the Al thread, we could use a fresh...
  14. JustInTime

    Mountains fixed?

    Ok. There hasn't been a thread about this yet, but as most of you know Big Thunder Mountain has been fixed. The spot that has had a black tarp over it for the past few years was repaired when the important people came to town. It's basically just a carved rock now. But I was reading on...
  15. JustInTime

    Epcot Dinning...

    I need help picking a Table Service in Epcot. Besides Le Cellier, what is the best? I have already eaten in France, Mexico, Norway and Japan so I would like to eat at a different country but I am pretty open. Also, Coral Reef is an option too. And I already have a reservation for 9 dragons. So...
  16. JustInTime

    2011 pre-trip report!

    This is my 4th year in a row going to Disney World and my 6th total. I am so excited. It will be my first time doing Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Here is how it is looking so far: Resort: Disney's Pop Century Resort September 14th - 19th Day 1: Animal Kingdom, Yak & Yeti at 4:30 pm...
  17. JustInTime

    Dreamlights Crane?

    Does anybody know the historical dates for the dreaded crane that installs the lights on the castle? I would like to avoid that at all costs while planning this trip...
  18. JustInTime

    Why Horizons?

    I know this has been talked about a million times, but why out of all the buildings and rides to tear down in Epcot did they take out Horizons? The ride itself was amazing (the building was horrendous). Now, I love both M:S and Horizons but I just don't get TDO's sentiment here. Horizons was by...
  19. JustInTime

    Just how busy are we talking?

    I am thinking about doing a may trip. I am thinking May24th until the 28th 2011. I know it will be super busy. I am expecting it because of Star Wars weekends and Memorial Day on that weekend. But just how busy?! I have never been in may. I am hoping for light crowds at the start of the week and...
  20. JustInTime

    Will there be free Dinning in 2011?

    Just curious if anyone knows about free dinning/discounts for the second half of 2011. I am hoping we will hear something in April, but has anyone heard any rumors? Any of our resident Tavel Agents know anything? Holding off on planning a fall trip until I hear something. I personally hope...
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