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  1. blackthidot

    Any news on Flying Fish opening?

    Any rumblings or anything?
  2. blackthidot

    Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Night Entertainment at The Edison?

    Are they still doing their live shows with the performers/dancers?
  3. blackthidot

    What restaurants are closed at Animal Kingdom Hotel?

    Can you guys let me know which restaurants, or really anywhere to eat that are still closed at Animal Kingdom? I have some friends staying there next month and are curious to where they can dine, and get snacks at the hotel. Thanks everyone!
  4. blackthidot

    Character dining options?

    What restaurants besides Topolino's is still offering character meals?
  5. blackthidot

    Booking for the 50th question...

    When can you book for the 50th, or were you already able to? I heard a few places when they opened up 2021 that they blocked off the 50th dates but someone I know actually has a reservation for Pop that whole week.
  6. blackthidot

    California Grill Brunch Open?

    Is the brunch option open when Disney World opens up? Being its a buffet/entree style meal...I have not heard anything if it's just going to be open for dinner or both dinner and brunch? Anyone got any information on this?
  7. blackthidot

    What is your prediction on when we will see Dining Plans come back?

    I use The Dining Plan like a pro. To me with what, and where I want to eat I always come out WAY ahead by using it. ESPECIALLY during Food and Wine. That said when do you guys think we will see them return? I guess it's kind of crazy to me that they removed them but the restaurants will still...
  8. blackthidot

    Tickets to AP's

    When you book a WDW vaca package can you still put your tickets you purchased towards an AP if you decide on arrival you would rather get an AP than to use the tickets you bought with your package?
  9. blackthidot

    Character Meals with Jasmine

    Where are the places you can eat in Disney where Princess Jasmine will be there?
  10. blackthidot

    Passholder Ticket Discount

    Is Disney World still giving passholders the discounted tickets for guests?
  11. blackthidot

    Tables in Wonderland at Chef de France Question...

    I know you can only use it during lunch and the non black out dates, however can it be used on the Prix-Fixe portion of the menu?
  12. blackthidot

    Tickets Question

    If you have tickets that you linked to your MDE account (bought off eBay) how far out can you make fast passes with them if they are not attached to a resort reservation?
  13. blackthidot

    Hey Vegans!!!!!!

    Need your help! Can you help me by posting some of the vegan options you've experienced at Disney World? Descriptions and pictures will get you bonus points too!
  14. blackthidot

    Tickets and Free Dining Question

    So I have an Annual Pass. When I book Free a Dining I have to buy 2 day park hopper tickets. What can I do with those tickets since they will be attached to a magic band? Before we'd have hard tickets and just reuse or sell them. How can I sell these tickets if they are attached to a Magic...
  15. blackthidot

    Dining at the bar or lounge at California Grill?

    Do you need a reservation to do this or can you go to the check in desk and tell them you want to sit at the bar or lounge?
  16. blackthidot

    Pre-Trip First Solo Trip 4/7 - 4/13

    Well not entirely solo. I have some friends who will be around. Is anyone else going to be around that wants to hang out? Get fatter? Take pictures? Make weird noises at people?
  17. blackthidot

    First Solo Trip 4/7 - 4/13

    Well not entirely solo. I have some friends who will be around. Is anyone else going to be around that wants to hang out? Get fatter? Take pictures? Make weird noises at people?
  18. blackthidot

    Fireworks During Dinner at DHS

    Some friends of mine have an ADR at 50's Prime Time in the middle of The Star Wars Fireworks. Is it normal for guests to leave their tables to watch the fireworks? I really don't know the "procedure" for this so I thought I would ask for them.
  19. blackthidot

    Top of the Wold Lounge Operating Hours?

    Does anyone know what time Top of the World opens?
  20. blackthidot

    Anyone Going to WDW The 1st Week of March?

    I am thinking about going down (probably solo) to do some photography. Anyone else gonna be around or going solo as well?
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