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  1. Djsfantasi

    Fifth Gate Disney Memories

    I recently read an article on Disney Lists, that listed the top extinct attractions that people want back. Horizons 20,000 Leagues Mickey’s Toontown Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Maelstrom The Timekeeper Snow White’s Scary... Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride This is just a mental exercise. But, imagine...
  2. Djsfantasi

    Boardwalk Inn/Villas Pool Theming

    I can’t believe they removed the clown on the water slide. The theming of the pool area was excellent. The carousel, roller coaster and clown were perfect. I felt I was at a boardwalk amusement park. I live in New England, where there are several oceanside boardwalks, resorts and amusement...
  3. Djsfantasi

    Recommendations on ECVs

    My girlfriend and I are in our mid to late sixties and planning a trip late April. This is really her first trip. We have noticed that we are slower than we used to be. I last went in January 2020 and ended up in First Aid after falling (dizziness) I am considering renting ECVs for our trip...
  4. Djsfantasi

    Disney Christmas Spectacular on ABC

    What was going on during this ABC special? There were crowds packed in front of the stage. No social distancing. And nary a mask in sight!
  5. Djsfantasi

    “Interactive” Attraction Appearance.

    So, with Mission to Mars and the Millennium Falcon roads, we learn that Disney thinks that pushing buttons and missing what’s happening is an interactive experience. Say what? Two distractions in the attraction. IMHO, there are three principles for an interactive attraction. There should be...
  6. Djsfantasi

    Very Un-Disney Restaurant Policies

    Stage Crew Policies It was the first full day of an eight night stay at WDW Resort and I was at Epcot on January 10th at the San Angel Inn, where some sort of computer glitch prevented application of my Deluxe Dining plan credits. Poor David was the manager, hamstrung from poor policies...
  7. Djsfantasi

    Boarding Groups are confusing

    This whole idea of boarding groups has confused me. With FP+, I have a good idea what my plans for the day will be. I schedule passes about an 90 minutes apart which leaves an hour between each attraction for ADRs, shopping, a show or an attraction for which a FP+ isn’t needed. The idea that I...
  8. Djsfantasi

    Lighting in Attractions and Theatrical Shows

    On my last trip to Disney, I thought I could tell that the lighting was dim in several attractions. I could barely see in the queue of Frozen. Then in AK, most of the Dinosaur ride was so dark, that I couldn’t see in the majority of the scenes, particularly the dinosaur figure itself. Finally F...
  9. Djsfantasi

    New Imagineer Thread

    Hi! I’m writing this year because I’m fairly new to WDWMagic, saw the New Inagineer Introduction thread - but couldn’t figure out how to post there. I’m a retired gentleman, always intrigued by all things Disney. As a way of introduction, I build animatronics as a hobby. Control is through a...
  10. Djsfantasi

    Enchanted Tiki Room

    I’ve seen the Enchanted Tiki Room at both WDW and Disneyland. The one at Disneyland was in 1964. I recently came back from WDW. I seem to remember large Tiki Gods in the center of the room, that arose from the garden. They weren’t in the current show. Is my memory bad? Did they ever exist...
  11. Djsfantasi

    Bo Peep Spotted in Toy Story Land

    I read on another site that Bo Peep was coming to Hollywood Studios. She’s there! I was in Toy Story Land when Bo Peep and Woody walked by Woody’s Lunchbox.
  12. Djsfantasi

    Magic Kingdom Parade Memories - 1996

    Two memories. My mother-in-law handmade an Alice in Wonderland dress, which my daughter wore. The cast members preparing for the parade picked her out, made a giant masking tape arrow pointing to her and made an Alice sign in front of her. Both children (she had a 10 year old brother) have...
  13. Djsfantasi

    Memories of Splash Mountain

    Our family went to WDW during the 25th Anniversary celebration. My daughter was 6 and my son was 10. There was a lot of discussion regarding which rides they’d go on and which they wouldn’t Everyone knows that Splash Mountain circles the big drop soon after you leave the loading station. My...
  14. Djsfantasi

    Disney Skyliner

    Was at WDW this past weekend (June 22). While walking from Boardwalk to Hollywood Studios, I caught the new Skyliner. Apparently, they were testing the system. I had a video, but it’s too big to upload! Man, those cabins move fast. There seemed to be a half dozen queued in the unloading area...
  15. Djsfantasi

    Refurbished Tower of Terror

    There were many announcements made while in queue that progress may be slow due to work being done. Half the elevators were out of service. After the ride, I was amazed! It seemed more intense than I remembered. Talking to a cast member, he let me in on what was happening. Disney has been...
  16. Djsfantasi

    Disney Fanatic

    Hello! I have been inspired by Disney ever since my childhood and The Wonderful World of Disney. My first visit to a Disney Park was in 1964. Last year, I spent about a month total in WDW over three trips. The last time, I was specifically looking for theatrical set design inspiration. I’ve...
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