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    My "Almost" Disney Trip

    Well, today would have been my solo air travel day to Disney. Feeling a little sad but it is for the best. Just wasn't in the cards for me this time! The good new is - the money I would have spent on my Disney trip is being spent on a new Ragdoll kitty. We will be getting her next month -...
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    Just changed my resort reservation in October

    I was waiting for reservations to open up so I could make a change. With MNSSHP cancelled this year, I didn't need the Contemporary at rack rate so I was able to change to Pop Century for my 3 night stay and saved $1,076.63. This will be a first for me staying at Pop and I haven't stayed in a...
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    MNSSHP Cancelled for 2020

    Just read that Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is cancelled for the remainder of 2020 due to Covid-19. I will be rethinking my trip Halloween Week as this was a BIG draw for me. I am paying rack rate for resort at Contemporary so I could walk to MK & back and my airfare was $69.00 each...
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    Who else thinks Park Prices & Resort Prices will Increase?

    I think that when the reservation system is back open (who knows when that will be) there will be quite a noticeable price increase in park tickets and resort prices. I would be shocked if there were any resort discounts. Since they will be limiting the amount of visitors into the parks and...
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    What about the transportation? Will Magical Express be running from airport on 7/11? Latest Disney news says "Transportation will be operated on a limited basis for resort hotels guests, and will include monorail and ferry services when the parks are open". What about guests who drive to the...
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    NBA Games May Begin at Wide World of Sports in July

    Saw this on the news this morning. Good news for Disney, would bring in a lot of revenue. Would the ball players stay in Resort Hotels? What would this do to availability at Disney? Thoughts?
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    Air Fares just hooked me ...

    Well, I said I was not planning any trips until I felt it was safe and I hope things will be better in October but if not I will cancel. Just booked my flight with SW @ $69.00 ea. way - WOW!! I just couldn't resist. Still not picked the resort yet, I know there will not be any discounts for...
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    Single Rider for Star Wars Rides

    I understand there is a single rider lane for both Star Wars Rides and was wondering if you need to get into a boarding group for ROTR or just go to the ride and enter the single rider lane? This would sure be easier if that is the case.
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    Port Orleans French Quarter Discount

    Happy New Year!! Woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise. POFQ is now discounted for my upcoming trip in March so I saved $89 on my reservation. What a pleasant surprise!!
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    Am I going to hate Pop Century?

    I have scheduled a short 3 night trip 3/02 and my niece from Tampa is joining me. Two adult female doing this trip with no kids. I have Pop reserved but now I am having second thoughts after reading a lot of review that say noisy, tons of kids, crowded, etc. The price is good and I will be...
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    Skyliner Pop Century

    For those who have stayed at Pop Century since the Skyliner went active, how was it? Looking at going in early March for a quick 3 night stay and the Pop is the best value. Just wondering about the buses and the skyliner.
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    Planning a Solo Trip

    Hi There, Planning a solo trip and looking at the first week in March 2020 or the first week in May 2020. Which would be the best time? March is early enough (before Spring Breaks, I think). Temps could be cooler especially early morning and evening. Crowds look to be about the same for...
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    Animal Kingdom Lodge

    Just back from our recent stay at AKL. We booked a standard room and were upgraded to savannah room. The rooms are not as big as other deluxe resorts but the view was great! Missed a couch in the room. Transportation was good but it is a long ride to go anywhere and I probably would not book...
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    Finally got a reservation!!

    Have been trying to get a reservation for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Dining on 11/17/19 at Liberty Tree Tavern and it was finally available this morning. Had to book 6:10 p.m. and wanted around 5:00 p.m. but that's okay. At least we can have a sit down dinner during the crowded event.
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    Current Bounce Back Offer

    We will be arriving at the AKL on Sat. 11/16 and wondered if anyone knew the dates for the current bounce back offer. Would like to plan another trip if prices are right.
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    Magic Bands are on the Way!!!

    Love getting this email!! Our Magical Express luggage tags arrived last week and now magic bands on the way for our upcoming Nov. trip to Animal Kingdom Lodge!! Can't wait ….. anyone else??
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    Art of Animation vs Animal Kingdom

    I was checking rates again this morning. We are booked at the AKL and saw that AOA is now available and it is MORE expensive than AKL. How is that possible?? This is just for two people and the rate is $385. a night and this is with the discount - WOW!!!
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    ? about Dining Plan

    We are planning a 4 night stay in November (not free dining) and we can purchase the dining plan for $300. ea. which seems to be a pretty good deal (I have crunched the numbers). But … we are only buying 2 days worth of magic your way tickets to the parks. So, will the dining plan be for 4...
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    Animal Kingdom Lodge or Coronado Springs Tower Room

    We are currently booked at the CSR in a new Tower Room Lake View. Would you pay $231 more for a 4 night stay at Jambo House in a standard room? Both resorts are in the AK neighborhood. There aren't very many reviews on the new Tower Rooms except the free promotion before they opened. We are...
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    Yacht Club or Coronado Springs Tower

    I just changed my reservation this morning from Wilderness Lodge to Coronado Springs Tower Lake View for our trip in November. I could upgrade to Yacht Club Garden/woods view for $669.00 more. There are two of us splitting the room so $334.50. Would you do it? I know Yacht Club is within...
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