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  1. Magic Crush Drop

    Does anyone know if Disney still sells this dress

    It was originally sold at the Dress Shop in Downtown Disney. I saw it once in 2018 but never again. Does anyone know if Disney still sells this dress. Here's a picture of it.
  2. Magic Crush Drop

    Does anyone here collect keys?

    I just wanted to know. I have the totally Minnie key and the studio keys pack.
  3. Magic Crush Drop

    Does anyone here plays Topps Disney Collect

    I just want to know. Maybe we could trade cards.
  4. Magic Crush Drop

    Do you think Disney is still going to do D23 Expo next year?

    I found out that D23 is delaying Destination D because of COVID. Since Corona doesn't seem to be ending so soon in the US, it would seem smart to move it to somewhere in 2021. With that move, Destination D would be close to the expo in Anaheim. Do you think they would do one of them, both, or...
  5. Magic Crush Drop

    shopDisney news

    So I was looking around shopDisney and found out some news * They are not selling anything that is limited release/ limited edition merchandise instore * No daily opening ceremony or events * They are reopening the Disney stores depending on your area The rest of the news was expected (need...
  6. Magic Crush Drop

    Hey there!

    As you can guess, I'm new here. I love talking about the Disney company, Disneyland, and Walt Disney World (even though I have never been there). I live on the West Coast. I collect pins, tsum tsums, and buttons. Fun Fact: I have a signed picture of Michael Eisner.
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