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  1. Joey Jurado

    Best FP rides for Kids

    hi I am trying to get the best value out fast pass plus, since we are going with our little one, it only has to be kids rides. Can anyone tell me the best 3 or 4 options for kids by park? thanks!
  2. Joey Jurado

    What 2 ride application

    Does anyone have experience using it while on the parks? any tips on it? thanks!
  3. Joey Jurado

    World Cup Prediction - POLL

    I hope this one is more entertaining than South Africa! may the best team win!
  4. Joey Jurado

    Rent or bring our stroller?

    Those who have flown with stroller and / or have rented one at the parks, what is your take on it? what is more of a hassle, renting one, will pretty much be equivalent to the cost of purchasing one, but carrying it to and from the plane and to and from the parks/ room, also seems a little...
  5. Joey Jurado

    Cinderella Castle Suite

    hi, just out of curiosity Has anybody here been chosen to be the first family and gotten to stay at the cinderella castle suite? thanks!
  6. Joey Jurado

    disneyworld nanny

    hi can anyone recommend a disneyworld nanny who already has an annual pass and that you have met? I tried calling kids nite out but none have passes to wdw. thankyou!woohoo
  7. Joey Jurado

    Cloth Diapers

    hi, we CD our son exclusively, but had not taken a long vacation nor have we flown since. this will be the first time, we are thinking on using disposables (yuck) for the first and only time. last year we drove to Disneyland and used Flip disposable system, but for this trip Im afraid of...
  8. Joey Jurado

    Carriage Rides

    hi is Fort wilderness carriage ride a must do in your opinion? feedback is greatly appreciated!
  9. Joey Jurado


    hi, I'm new to all this, can someone help me what all the abbreviations mean? DD HB OP ETC, I do know LOL ;) thanks!
  10. Joey Jurado

    Which park to visit for the extra day?

    Hi, we got the 6 day 1 park ticket, we planned to visit MK 2 days and dont know where to use the other extra day. which park would you choose? thanks!POP
  11. Joey Jurado

    1st week of September

    hello what can we expect of Disney weather early september? should we only wear shorts? POP
  12. Joey Jurado

    Pop Century Resort Preferred Room?

    Hello how big of a difference does booking a preferred room have over a standard room in September? its our fist time ever at WDW. we do have a toddler. woohoo
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