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  1. barnum42

    The Self-Important, Pompous, Abusive, Holier Than Thou Web Poster’s Prayer

    We all know and shake our head at those posters on various web forums that are just chock full of their own self-importance and sneer at all opinions that do not concur with their own, throwing tizzy fits when they don’t get their own way, tell the forum owners / mods how the site would be...
  2. barnum42

    For the Britons - cheap kids costumes at Asda

    Just back from the weekly shop at Asda and spotted a couple of racks of kid's Disney costumes at £12 a pop - very cheap for Rip Off Britain. I was in a rush (and don't have a kid) so can't tell you what exact costumes were there, but the point of sale has them as genuine Disney, not knock-offs.
  3. barnum42

    Just seen that Cars has a different voice artist for one role in the UK release

    I saw Cars on DVD on a trip to America and for Christmas back in the UK was given a UK copy. Finally got around to watching it tonight and was surprised to hear a voice I'd not noticed in the American version. Playing McQueen's agent Marv is Jeremy Clarkson - best known for presenting the TV...
  4. barnum42

    High School Musical - has it changed the way kids perceive musicals?

    Finally saw High School Musical on UK TV over Xmas. To be honest it's not geared for someone of my age - knocking on the door of 40, so I found annoying spoilt teens a bit too distracting to fully get into the film (though I did like the performance of the lad who was into baking - nicely...
  5. barnum42

    Bramble, hunting at Christmas

    The GF and I headed to my folks Christmas Afternoon with The Hound From the Pound: Cupboard Love - hoping for that morsel to drop from the kitchen worktop A new toy to play with That cat won't harm anyone now Still living in hope for a stray bit of turkey Never...
  6. barnum42

    A new year – an opportunity for the thugs dragging this site down to mend their ways

    Hello all. It’s been quite a while since I was on here. I stopped visiting because of the monotonous regularity of a core of members who use the site to belittle anyone and everyone they can bully, spitting upon others from their self-proclaimed pedestals, whining, griping, arguing and...
  7. barnum42

    Brambeling Around St Dogmael's Abbey

    *Edit - if the photos are not all showing, they can be seen here: http://isctuff.fotopic.net/c1120525.html * The GF and I spent a long wet weekend on the Welsh Coast. When it looked like there was a break in the weather, we headed to the ruins of St Dogmeal’s Abbey – populated between the 12th...
  8. barnum42

    Some Great News For My GF

    My GF goes to a monthly meeting of a local business women's group - networking, sharing ideas support etc. They put her up for the Welsh Woman of the Year competition. It has a number of categories and she was entered to the Best Return to Work category - for such instances as returning to work...
  9. barnum42

    The Busy Life of a Movie Actress ;)

    My mother has finished three days work on a new movie "Death Defying Acts" http://www.myriadpictures.com/film.php?film=68 She was booked for four days, one of which was to be a scene with Catherine Zeta Jones, but they ditched the scene a week ago (but she still gets paid for four days)...
  10. barnum42

    Brambling around Castle Coch

    It has been enquired as to why there have been no day trip pictures for a little while; the main reason is my not getting around to editing and upload pics. So I’ve made a start: A few weeks ago the GF, Bramble and I headed to Castle Coch and the surrounding woods. Castle Coch is a small...
  11. barnum42

    Barnum and Ogryn's Magic Stealth Mini-Meet

    The sun continued to shine in England after a night of thunder and lighting in my corner of the country, which did nothing to aid my sleep prior to a two-hour drive to Thorpe Park. But then Dave just had to deal with stifling heat prior to his twenty-minute drive to Thorpe Park. The purpose...
  12. barnum42

    Brambling around Roath Park Lake

    Last Weekend, the GF, Bramble and I headed for a stroll around Roath Park Lake in Cardiff A stroll through the park Brings you to the Lake For a bigger image : http://images.fotopic.net/?id=30331643&noresize=1 The lake is about 1.2 miles in circumference. Epcot fans may find...
  13. barnum42

    Barmum 42 Takes a Stroll Back in Bath.

    It was a sunny day so I decided to take a ride over the city I called home for twenty-two years. Bath – a popular tourist destination. With its little back streets Impressive edifices Areas of green And things not quite what they seem - a simple row of shops? Nope...
  14. barnum42

    Brambling on the Welsh Coast

    This weekend the GF and I headed to the West Wales coast to spend a couple of days in a caravan usually occupied by her folks. Did it come with a soft toy in the window? Nope – it’s the third member of our troop: Bramble She loved sitting on the window ledge watching the world...
  15. barnum42

    It's getting so it's not safe to try and post a legitimate photo

    Hello all - I just found that some web owners can get pretty offensive if they feel you are stealing their images. In a sadly now deleted thread I posted a web photo found via Google Images - where you google the word it shows the image which you can then see full size and get a link to post in...
  16. barnum42

    Giant Time Travelling Elephant Seeks Girl in London

    Pretty much what the thread title says: http://www.msn.co.uk/htx/sultans_elephant/ Quite a show!
  17. barnum42

    The Sun Was Out in Wales so Barnum 42 Took a Trip to Aberhonddu

    On Sunday, for once it was not raining in Wales, so the GF, Bramble the Hound from The Pound took a drive through the mountains of Brecon: And headed to Aberhonddu with some picnic munchies to enjoy by the canal. Start point by some nice little waterfront cottages: Another bridge...
  18. barnum42

    If you get the chance - take a First Aid training course

    Been meaning to post this since the weekend. My work has paid for me to take a three day first aid training course and another 1 day refresher a couple of years on and I can't recommend highly enough that if you get the chance, do this. Or take evening classes over a number of weeks. At...
  19. barnum42

    Dr Who Tom Baker Sings

    In the UK, one of the telecoms operators has introduces a service where you can send texts, but have them come through as regular phone calls with a digitised voice recorded by ex Doctor Who Tom Baker: On this site, someone has texted lyrics to some songs then put them to backing music...
  20. barnum42

    Photos of The Hound from the Pound

    As some of you may be aware, the GF and I visited Cardiff Dog Pound a couple of weekends ago to see if there was a dog for her. Indeed there was - a pure bred mutt! She's a terrier, but more than that I'd not tie myself down too. She has been christened "Bramble" :D
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