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  1. Amidala

    Part Time Hiring

    Hey, so I've worked at WDW before (on a CP) and just finished up an internship over in CA, so I'm looking to move back to FL and work at the parks again. I already booked a trip out and was planning to walk into Casting and hopefully (fingers crossed) get something on the spot. But the WDW jobs...
  2. Amidala

    D23 Expo - Tips/Strategies & Advice

    So, I've seen a few D23 threads floating around, but most were focused on predicting upcoming park announcements. I'll be going to D23 for the first time this year (moving to Anaheim for a CP, so I'll finally be in the area) and am curious to hear about peoples' experiences with things like...
  3. Amidala

    DLP Coasters

    I'll be at DLP for two days during the first week of August. This will be my first visit to a resort outside the states, so I'm super excited to explore! But I'm a little particular about thrill rides (some scare me, others-like Expedition Everest-are fine) and wanted to get some opinions on the...
  4. Amidala

    DLR Nighttime Shows (Help for a Newbie)

    Hey guys, apologizing in advance if this has all been covered before (I assume it has, but couldn't find anything browsing the forum). I worked at MK for a few years and am going to start working at DLR in the summer. But I've never been to California let alone Disneyland, so this is all...
  5. Amidala

    Hogwarts hotel?

    This video is claiming that Universal has been surveying its guests to decide whether or not they would be interested in an immersive hotel experience along the lines of Disney's planned Star Wars hotel. Not sure if this is true–and obviously even if it is on the table, that doesn't mean it will...
  6. Amidala

    What movies would you put in a GMR 2.0?

    So, I know GMR has officially closed (and I am excited for the new attraction), but I was watching an old YouTube video where a vlogger suggested revamping the GMR by replacing all of the movies represented in it with a whole new set of iconic/classic movies. To me, this would have been a really...
  7. Amidala

    Dino-Rama Replacement

    I'm pretty sure this has been discussed on here before, but the threads on it are from quite a few years ago, so hopefully it's okay to start something new! With all of the changes to WDW announced at D23, I've been thinking a lot about what could stand to be replaced...and Dino-Rama is always...
  8. Amidala

    Replacements for TLM and Beauty?

    We're all pretty much certain that TLM and Beauty will be getting replaced (or heavily overhauled) in the next few years. I know this is a hard call to make (since we don't really know what DHS's theme will be by the time SWL and TSL open, and the park is renamed), but what shows would you like...
  9. Amidala

    TRON Coaster Launch

    I realize this is kind of a shot in the dark, but has anyone on here been on TRON at Shanghai? And if so, what are your thoughts on the thrill level? I'm fine with 99% of RnR (don't mind the inversions or the speed at all, and I don't mind drops within reason) but the 0-57mph launch does a...
  10. Amidala

    Thoughts on castle projections?

    I know most of the reviews for HEA have been positive, but I'm kind of starting to dread seeing it. Projections just don't feel...magical to me? Maybe that will change as technology advances, but right now, I'm very aware that I'm seeing a bunch of Photoshopped movie clips...it feels like I'm...
  11. Amidala

    Mickey Mouse (2013)

    I'm not sure if this thread has already been made, but I couldn't find one anywhere else in the forums so here goes! Ever since the announcement of MMRR, I've been watching the shorts (they're free to view on YouTube here) and was pleasantly surprised. Before now, I only caught a glimpse of them...
  12. Amidala

    Hey Everyone!

    I've been reading through some threads on the forum lately and finally decided to brave up and join! I'm 22, from New York and a former CP (hoping to return again soon if all goes well!) My family can rarely afford to visit the parks, so suddenly being stuck home in New York after living in LBV...
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