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  1. SuddenStorm

    Reopening Disneyland

    Reopening Disneyland after a year+ of closure, thousands of layoffs, and a myriad of new safety policies that would have to be enforced the park we all know and love will likely be a very different experience for the foreseeable future. There's the obvious major changes- the mask requirements...
  2. SuddenStorm

    Disneyland Memories and Appreciation

    Over the last two weeks I've grown to really miss good ole' fashioned Disneyland. Looking back at my many visits in 2019, it seems so surreal now with all of the unpleasantness surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and controversial announcements made over the last year. For many, 2020 is going to...
  3. SuddenStorm

    A Brief and Incomplete History of Splash Mountain

    With all of this talk about Splash Mountain, Song of the South, and recent announcements I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at Splash Mountain the ride- where it came from, why it was built, and the people behind it. This thread isn't intended to discuss 2020 Splash Mountain or Princess...
  4. SuddenStorm

    What state of (dis)repair will Disneyland be in upon reopen?

    Having Disneyland Park closed for months was unprecedented- and none of those attractions have gone that long without operating. Even when they're closed for refurbishment they have a slew of workers fixing what needs to be fixed- not letting things fall into disrepair. When the park closed...
  5. SuddenStorm

    Happy (late) 28th Birthday Fantasmic!

    Happy (late) 28th birthday to the greatest piece of live entertainment Disneyland has ever produced! So many great memories watching this over the years. The original was a masterclass in themed entertainment- a near perfect show that still hasn't been topped. Originally titled...
  6. SuddenStorm

    Lengthy walkthroughs of Disneyland from the 1990s

    During the longest closure Disneyland has seen, I imagine quite a few of us are starting to miss the place. The sites, the sounds, the ambiance of the place. Perhaps Freshbaked's best contribution to Disneyland fandom are their silent walkthroughs of Disneyland. These provide us an excellent...
  7. SuddenStorm

    Disney Character Training Videos Narrated by Jack Wagner

    Someone uploaded a bunch of old school Disneyland character training videos narrated by Jack Wagner, complete with lots of old school Disneyland footage. Really enjoyable to watch- Mickey Mouse Mickey and Friends Pinocchio and Friends Peter Pan Brer Fox and Brer Bear
  8. SuddenStorm

    Disneyland with a Theme Park Virgin

    Looks like in August I'll be attending the park (not parks ;)) with some people who have never been to a theme park. Six Flags Magic Mountain and Utah's Lagoon are the only two parks they've been to (except for one who went to Univeral Island of Adventure in Orlando). So here's the question...
  9. SuddenStorm

    Hey All!

    I'm a SoCal native who grew up going to DL frequently. I've been an AP holder for most of my life. I'm a huge fan of Disneyland Park, and will often choose to spend the whole day there and skip out on DCA. Between 2013-2015 I went on average a couple times a month, but would often try to go...
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