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  1. Dwarful

    Star Wars dining question

    We are going to WDW with family Dec. 18 for 10 days. My husband came home from work tonight and said he spoke to one of the ladies at his account who is a huge WDW fan. She told him there is a quick service location opening up at HS. I can't seem to find anything....probably really...
  2. Dwarful

    Magical Express Question

    We arrive at Pop Dec. 19th. My husband is flying in Dec. 23rd because of work. I have called Disney twice and talked to two different CMs. Both times they have told me 'You can only set up ME for your arrival and departure dates'. I explained that we are driving and my husband is flying...
  3. Dwarful

    with construction...best parade viewing in MK

    We are going on a short trip in Feb with my daughter's high school marching band. I am looking for suggestions for the best parade viewing areas with the current construction. Four parents (myself included) are going to tape the parade and we are trying to figure out the best place. When we...
  4. Dwarful

    FP Crash and booking more than 3 FPs.

    OK. So today as soon as I heard about 7DMT being available I logged onto the website. All of my FP's, dining, everything was gone. We go May 31 - June 8. BUT it said I couldn't start making reservations until July 1st. So I logged out and logged back on. Then it let me book the MK...
  5. Dwarful

    Double Family members on MYW website

    I logged on to My Disney Experience tonight to double check some things and see about tweeking FP's and dining (ok and to look for 7DMT). I have always had a double set of my family...two husbands, four daughters and two nieces on the website. I called Disney tonight because all of a sudden my...
  6. Dwarful

    Size of Magic Your Way Wrist bands

    Sorry if this has been asked somewhere else...I have searched and haven't found it. Can someone who has used the bands tell me how large they are? Just measured hubby's wrist...he will need at least a 9 inch band. And that might not be too comfy for all day wear in June. Thanks
  7. Dwarful

    Art of Animation question

    My niece is going to be staying at AoA this summer...late June with her best friend and her family for H.S. graduation. She would like to be able to go to Pop to get the Tye-dye cheesecake (her favorite WDW treat). Is there a walkway connecting the two resorts? If not, she could take a bus...
  8. Dwarful


    Are slushies back at the value or moderate resorts? We are heading 'home' in June and miss those slushies. But its been some time since we have stayed at the either the value or moderate resorts. I knew they were gone, but I thought I read somewhere that they recently returned. Thanks for...
  9. Dwarful

    Really surprised for June trip

    OK. Because we had a snow day today my sister-in-law and I were finally able to finalize our dates for a multi-family June trip to WDW to celebrate my in-laws 50th anniversary. Our trip dates are June 4 - 10 and we will be a group of 12 this time. I told my sister-in-law not to get hopes up...
  10. Dwarful

    Off Kilter Help

    OK, on Saturday we check in at Yacht Club for a week long stay. We are fans of Off Kilter, but the last two visits we always managed to catch them w/o the pipes. I LOVE the pipes. So I called today to see if they had a schedule so I knew when to plan, but the CM said they had no way of...
  11. Dwarful

    Whats the deal with All the 'deals'

    We just got back from WDW. March 27 - April 3. We booked on the AP rate and this trip we seemed to get 'bombarded' with offers during our stay. Mind you I am not complaining, but just curious as to the push for all these deals. At check in we received a gift card with $5 on it. Then we took...
  12. Dwarful

    Birthday Fast Pass Offer

    Ok we arrive at The Boardwalk in two weeks. During our trip it will be my husband's birthday. Since we already have our passes we do not need the free one day ticket. We thought, since it is a busy time he might select the Fast Pass Card offer. I am trying to find the restrictions on the card...
  13. Dwarful

    ???'s about Poly. vs. Grand Floridian

    Ok. Looks like we will be going to WDW June 6-13. Using the 4/3 offer. The 11th is hubby's birthday. Now the big question is...should we go for the Poly (and if so should we upgrade the theme park view?) or should we go for the Grand Floridian? Family includes my husband and two daughters...
  14. Dwarful

    All Star Movies Tues. August 5th

    We recently returned from a full two week vacation at WDW 07-26 to 08-09. We stayed pref. room at Movies..mostly so we could do a full two weeks and stay within a reasonable budget. We had some minor issues, but nothing that really put us off "vacation mode". UNTIL Tuesday August 5th. We had...
  15. Dwarful

    Downtown Disney/ Disney Quest

    What is the best way to get to Downtown Disney, specifically Disney Quest, from All Star Movies? Usually we don't go to DD til our last day and then we drive over. I was looking at the layout in my Passporter Book and the bus stop seems to be at the opposite end, compared to where DQ is. So...
  16. Dwarful

    questions about prices

    First off if this is in the wrong area, please move it. Wasn't sure where to put it. Thanks. Now, with the dramatic increase in stroller fees, rising resort costs - different rates for different days, no standard cost for the length of your trip etc., I was wondering if other prices have...
  17. Dwarful

    Water Park Questions

    Ok this will be our first visit to go to the water parks. We are going July 26 - August 9 and have 10 day park passes w/ water parks & more option. I have a few questions about the water parks. Me, husband & 2 daughters (12 & 8) #1. Are the walkways all concrete? If so what type of...
  18. Dwarful

    All Star Movies Food Court Question

    When staying at All Star Movies, using the dining plan can you get pizza in the food court using counter service credits? If so how many credits is it? When I looked at the dining plan guide it only mentioned Pizza Delivery and that counts as 2 Table service credits. That is not what we are...
  19. Dwarful

    Free Photo Movie

    We went to WDW in Dec. (12-16). The paperwork we received at check-in gave us a code for a free Photo Movie from the disneyphotopass website. Well, today I finally finished putting together our movie. We can't wait to get it. I just wondered if this was a random code, or is this something new...
  20. Dwarful

    Help with summer trip

    Ok we haven't been to US/IOA or Sea World for at least 7 yrs. We are going to WDW July 21-August 2nd and the kids would like to go to these parks as well. We are having Pam take care of all our reservations. My question is this. Should we plan a two or three night stay at the Universal...
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