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  1. Figmentation

    Memorial Day Weekend.

    Alright. I have no choice in the matter when it came to the dates, but I'm going to be down there and staying at the Boardwalk with my parents, for practically free, because of a convention happening there. Of course, I'm riding along because.. it's free hotel at a Deluxe resort. I've been...
  2. Figmentation

    WDW 25 Anniversary Resort TV

    I was browsing through YouTube and found this little gem just kind of hanging out... Man it makes me feel old remembering this. And I also sort of doubled back, 90s hair and style was rather insane looking back at it again. I really do miss some of the attractions they show in here...
  3. Figmentation

    Woman suing Disney for 250 million, says 'Frozen' is her life story.

    http://www.myfoxal.com/story/26640733/woman-suing-disney-claims-frozen-is-my-life-story Yep this is happening. So... can we make fun of people who do these sort of things yet, openly, or will we get sued as well? :P
  4. Figmentation

    Trip Report Figmentation's May 2014 Solo Disney Trip Report

    Helloooooo! I just recently spent 4 days down at Walt Disney World, the dates ranging from May the 8th - May the 12th This'll probably be more detailed than normal, with no pictures for the time being (I have pictures posted in my albums on Facebook, but I am at work right now. I'll link...
  5. Figmentation

    Walt Disney World Trivia Extravaganza!!!

    I'm having a slow day at work, and inbetween calls I'm usually surfing the website/forums here. So you know what.. I'm gonna ask some trivia on here, and the first person to get the answer right for each question I post will receive a 'like' from me. These questions will be, in my best...
  6. Figmentation

    Rides/Parks you knew was there but you never got to do before they shut down...

    I figured I would start up another fun thread: I know a majority of us have been going to the parks for a long time... but even then you have not gotten to do every attraction, goto ever 'park' or 'area' that is open at the time. Which attractions/areas/parks do you regreat not getting the...
  7. Figmentation

    MyMagic+ finally on Must Do Disney

    They finally got Stacy back in and updated the Must Do Disney infomercial at the resorts now. Looks like they're finally starting to push it full swing. Sorry if this has been posted before, it's been awhile since I've been on here due to work and how busy it has been. :D
  8. Figmentation

    It's October - Favorite 'Dead' Rides time!

    Since it's October and Halloween is closely approching... lets talk about some of our favorite 'dead' rides that are not around anymore. :D I gotta say, a ride close to my heart that I miss is obviously Mr. Toads Wild ride at the Magic Kingdom. Sadly, I was rather young when that ride closed...
  9. Figmentation

    Trip Report June Trip Report - Late

    I have not been around for awhile... graduated, went to disney shortly after, then got a new job. Now that I have a tiny bit of time on a slow day of work here I can do a small report. :) The sad news for this trip was the fact that a Tropical Storm decided it was a perfect time to form while...
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