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  1. kwoodfan1

    Under-Appreciated Attractions

    I feel like some rides are getting so much pub for being underrated, that they are in danger of being overrated. Looking at you, Peoplemover and CoP. STILL Underrated... MK - Enchanted Tales with Belle Epcot - Voices of Liberty HW - Hear so much about ToT, that I feel like RnR doesn't get its...
  2. kwoodfan1

    Epcot: This may sound really silly, but ....

    I'm the opposite, hate entering through main entrance. IG for us is the only way to enter Epcot. We walk thru the little gift shop, walk by the English gardens and now were home.
  3. kwoodfan1

    Retroland As A Fifth Gate...Potential?

    It seems like every time I try and dip back into nostalgic waters the memory is better than the reality. I was mondo excited to rewatch Captain EO, and was bored after the 5 minute nostalgic high. I couldn't wait to open up my new Nintendo with all the emulated games and after 2 rounds of...
  4. kwoodfan1

    Disney World and the NBA

    Wow, just catching up on the NBA board. Hard to draw any concrete conclusions but I'm pretty confident that larryz isn't much of an athlete.
  5. kwoodfan1

    POLL: Are you in favor of the Splash Mountain Re-theme?

    Big time Yes for me. Not for the ideological reasons, but I just can't muster any emotion towards Brer Rabbit. As much as I love the actual ride and the set pieces are elaborate, I have no real connection with the characters. I'm a ride or die for Big Al, love me some Jose, but I can take or...
  6. kwoodfan1

    Attraction Dealbreakers

    1) World Showcase with a nod to Voices of Liberty 2) Festival of the Lion King 3) FoP 4) If 2 Mountains were shut down at same time. Can deal without 1, 2 would be tough. 5) Haunted Mansion and ToT. Same rules apply, can deal with one but both would be tough. ...Covid killed (2) trips so we...
  7. kwoodfan1

    Is Primeval Whirl on the way out?

    Kids and I have a blast on this ride.
  8. kwoodfan1

    Top 5 Restaurants at WDW

    Via Napoli Sanaa Skipper Canteen 50s Primetime Regal Eagle (ok, its not open yet...but I am so confident in it that it jumps into top 5 already)
  9. kwoodfan1

    Best quick service at Epcot?

    Katsura Grill in Japan is our favorite. Grab a table outside by the water, its pretty quiet back there.
  10. kwoodfan1

    Help me decide where to stay in July!

    You want to be in the Epcot Area, have done BW a bunch, why no Yacht and Beach?
  11. kwoodfan1

    Character breakfasts...

    I also think Ohanas breakfast is average at best. Just not a lot of options. Our favorite character breakfast is Cape May Café at the Beach Club. Great characters and nice selection of food. Do it on an Epcot day and use the International Gateway entrance after you eat.
  12. kwoodfan1

    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    Fat and lazy people dig towers? That's one unique take, but are you sure people don't want to be near the stuff that's fun to be near? Isn't this why the rooms near Hospitality House at OKW are taken first, or why Tokelau is more desired than Moorea, or why no one wants to be anywhere in SSR...
  13. kwoodfan1

    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    Completely agree, the level of disgust is hard to comprehend. That being said, some say my level of hatred towards the Green Bay Packers is hard to fathom, so maybe building design irregularities is their Packers. Everybody needs a thing.
  14. kwoodfan1

    Unpopular Disney World Opinions

    1) I think Primeval Whirl is a blast. 2) I don't want a nighttime parade at the MK. 3) I think rope droppers have a screw loose. 4) I have never been a huge fan of Future World. 5) I LOVE the Magic Carpets (this is biased however, as it has personal sentiment with my son) ...The WWoS Sports...
  15. kwoodfan1

    News Beauty and the Beast sing-along coming to Epcot's France Pavilion

    This is a great comparison. A few people are going to think Parasite is far superior film than Endgame and will view those who loved Endgame as uncultured swine. The only problem is there just isn't a lot of them as most of us thought Endgame was the **** and can't stand subtitles. We fill...
  16. kwoodfan1

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    Ugh, another Boarding Group. Once again we celebrate those families that wake up at 5AM, smiling from ear to ear, ready to attack the day with their annoying effervescence. When do we get to celebrate the families like mine that stumble out of bed at 9:45, don't say a word to each other and...
  17. kwoodfan1

    News Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue replacing Liberty Inn

    We're all engaging on an online forum for Disney SuperFans. Not sure any of us are planning to attend the next Met Gala.
  18. kwoodfan1

    Skippers canteen or BOG?

    Both good, no wrong decision, just pick your interest. BOG is grander, Skippers is more unique. We always do Skippers, but I am a big fan of that specific theming.
  19. kwoodfan1

    Beach or Yacht Club

    Now that we have kids, we do BC. Before we did YC. Its a vibe thing.
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