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  1. Po'Rich

    Jingle Bells

    Remember when this site used to have jingle bells under the header for Christmas? I miss those.
  2. Po'Rich

    Most Immersive Lands

    The thread "What are some of the worst immersive lands?" got me to thinking: what if we spun this to a more positive discussion. In your opinion, what are some of the MOST immersive lands at Walt Disney World (no Universal Studios . . . if you want to discuss Harry Potter, go to a Universal...
  3. Po'Rich

    Tony's-- Spring 2017

    Does anyone know if there is a planned refurb for Tony's this upcoming spring? It's available through April 22, but on April 23rd on, there are no tables available (through June 1...which is the furthest out that I can check). I can't believe that on April 23rd Tony's suddenly became immensely...
  4. Po'Rich

    Photos Disaster Averted (a good Disney story)

    Last Christmas I went to Disney with the family, including grandparents. It wasn't our best Disney trip (not Disneys' fault--the crowds were a bit more than the granparents could handle, I over-planned and over-packed the days, and to top it off, Grandpa came down with Shingles while he was...
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