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  1. themoose

    Swan/Dolphin/Four Seasons CM Benefits Question

    If you are a cast member at any of these resorts, do you get free access into the parks? Thanks.
  2. themoose

    ImagiNations 2013

    Anyone interested in partnering up? Submissions are due in November. http://disneyimaginations.com/
  3. themoose

    Adventureland Spitting Tiki T-Shirts

    I put these together as a project with a friend of mine. Not sure if anyone is interested, but if so, I will likely do a limited run of them.
  4. themoose

    Looking for Royal Room Photos

    Hello all, Does anyone have any photos of the gardens at buildings 90 and 95 at POR? Im looking for images from after the Royal Rooms opened. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Jared
  5. themoose

    Dole Whip Size Increase?

    Had probably my 100th dole whip (actually the pineapple float) and noticed that they increased the size of the cups. They are now about an inch taller. I know, this isn't breaking news, but knowing dole whip's status on these board, I thought that I would share.
  6. themoose

    Restaurant Question

    I am planning a trip for August and was wondering if there is a list of celiac friendly (allergic to glutton) restaurants. I know they have vegan and vegetarian lists, but wasn't sure if there was a glutton free list. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. themoose

    Art of Animation

    Something interesting I noticed when looking at construction photos today. They are building the hotel using the old legendary years buildings. The concept art showed the doors to the rooms on the inside, not outside like the current value resorts. Does this mean it was changed? Or are they...
  8. themoose

    Easter Eggs

    Is there a book or official listing of the different easter eggs throughout the parks? Not hidden mickeys, but the different add ins like Dean Finder in Imagination and Mr. Toad at HM.
  9. themoose

    Epcot Parking Question

    Hello all. My friend is going to Epcot for one day and is staying off the resort. If he parks at Epcot or TTC and has dinner at the boardwalk after Illuminations, how would he get to his car? The park will be closed, so how would he go about doing this? Thanks for your help.
  10. themoose

    Buying Posters

    Does anyone know if it is possible to buy the attraction posters that are under the Main Street train station?
  11. themoose

    epcot tshirt question

    hello all. I rememer a few months ago there was a post about a new retro shirt. It came in white and gray and hhad epcot with the year down the side does anyone remember this? I couldn't find it at mousegear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankss
  12. themoose

    disney bus crash 8-16

    on the way to allstar sports from mk. Saw what looked like 2 disney buses crashed at an exit about a half mile up from the big ToT sign in the median. Happened at 11300 pmish
  13. themoose

    captain eo broken

    I am currently sitting through a silent pre show of captain eo. Hopefully this is just a cm screw up. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. themoose

    Fun Disney Video

    Hello all. My friend and I decided to make a disney video before we finished our internships. It is based on the where is matt video. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LCIA-xEp5o EDIT: I know that there is a typo. Oops.
  15. themoose

    The Seas Question

    When the Seas reopened with Nemo, it had a railing going around the front of the pavilion where the wave effect is. Does anybody know when this was removed and why? Thanks.
  16. themoose

    Forbidden Journey Breaks Down

    http://www.wesh.com/entertainment/24375560/detail.html ORLANDO, Fla. -- A new ride at Universal's Islands of Adventure broke down Friday night, leaving riders stranded. Orlando Fire Department officials responded to 911 calls at about 8:15 p.m. There were 132 people on the ride, and OFD...
  17. themoose

    Figment Question

    Does anyone know when the Figment topiary disappeared? And does anyone know when the meet and greet was removed?
  18. themoose

    Spaceship Earth Black Spot Update

    As of yesterday, it looks as if the large majority of the black spots have been cleaned off. There definitely still some spots, but it seems much smaller than a week ago.
  19. themoose

    Review of Summer Nightastic

    Hello all. I was at MK last night to view the old-new parade and the fireworks. I watched the parade from liberty square and the fireworks from crystal palace. Parade - I honestly disliked it. I wanted it to end only a minute after it started. I know the music is a classic to some, but...
  20. themoose

    EPCOT blueprint

    Does anyone have a current blue print or layout map of future world? If it has a graphic scale on it, that would help out a lot. It would similar to the plans for the FLE. Thanks
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