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  1. luvlifeinfl

    Fantasia- Fantasia 2000 diamond release

    I had been hearing that Fantasia & Fantasia2000 were coming out of vault for a Diamond release. I found this trailer on youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCHd5C5ADRg but I cannot find an actual release date. Has anyone heard anything??
  2. luvlifeinfl

    DVC Webcasting March 25,26&27

    Did anyone receive and email from DVC over the weekend about a webcasting they are doing on March 25, 26&27? It stated that if you registered and were part of the webcasting of upcoming news & happenings in the DVC, you recieved a Lithograph. Just wondering?
  3. luvlifeinfl

    Wedding planning

    I am doing research and I am curious to know, after looking at the Disney website and internet I cannot find any where answer to my questions. 1. Say I have my own planner do I have to use a planner from Disney. 2. can I use my own photographer? 3. Can I use a local florist instead of going...
  4. luvlifeinfl

    DTD on Thanskgiving day

    How do I found out what the store hours are on Thanksgivng day? Also for Quest?
  5. luvlifeinfl

    Super Walmart Center

    Hi all. I was looking at Map Quest to locating the closest Walmart Super Center. The reason beign that since we will be in the resort during Thanksgiving, I plan to cooking dinner in our villa. I noticed that there are 2 Super Centers about the same distance from the resort, one off of...
  6. luvlifeinfl

    D23's Magic & Merriment at Walt Disney World

    Saturday, December 12 and Sunday, December 13, 2009 If decked halls, dancing reindeer, sumptuous winter feasts, dazzling decorations and yuletide carols warm your heart and spark your imagination, you'll want to join us at Walt Disney World® as D23 celebrates its first holiday season with our...
  7. luvlifeinfl

    Disney Christmas Carol tour

    Just putting the word out there if anyone is interested. http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/christmascaroltraintour/
  8. luvlifeinfl

    my doggies will be Mickey & Minnie

    I want to add pictures of my pets for Holloween and I do not know how to insert them into a forum from photobucket. Can anyone tell me how to do this?
  9. luvlifeinfl

    Disney Cruise Ship rescue

    Just finished reading this in the Orlando Sentiel. Reports show a Walt Disney World cruise ship rescued a man in the Atlantic Ocean overnight who had fallen from another ship. The 34-year-old man remains aboard the Disney Wonder at Port Canaveral this morning. U.S. Coast Guard records show...
  10. luvlifeinfl

    x-mas lights on castle

    Ok, I know the x-mas season at Disney starts on Nov.10th, but how is the castle lighting handled. Is it a nightly event? If so around what time does it happen?
  11. luvlifeinfl

    Nov 21-30 Pre trip-1st one

    Hi Everyone, Been part of the WDWMagic for a few months, but have been reading for a few yrs. ( I admit I have a problem, I LOVE DISNEY). Well I wanted to try my hand at preparing my 1st ever pre-trip report. So hold on to your mouse ears.:ROFLOL: The Cast - Me- Shelley, cough in my...
  12. luvlifeinfl

    Grand Floridian Café

    Does any one have an opinion of this location. I ended up changing my ADR's ( again). We really did not want to eat at Maya Grill, I canceled that ADR. In its place i booked Grand Floridian Café. I tried calling the location directly and I can not get anyone to call me back. I am looking to find...
  13. luvlifeinfl

    New Life board game- Saw this in Sentinel

    Hey all, With my morning coffee I sat and was reading the Orlando Sentinel and saw this article posted about a new Life board game released, it is based on the HM. Check it out...
  14. luvlifeinfl

    Dining w/a 10yr -menu selections

    Alright, need to ask you all what your exprience is. My DD- Just turned 10 this past Friday, we called on Sunday to make our our ADR. According to the pricing on the DDP she is considered an adult, but what I am worried about is that some of the places we looked at she is not going to...
  15. luvlifeinfl

    The Complete Walt Disney World 2009-just read

    I just picked this book up over the weekend and I was reading it to see if I could learn any new inside tibbits. Well in the very begining I was reading that the rides that take your picture at the climatic moment of the ride ie SM, BLSRS, TT, RoRC, etc. That they are updating their systems...
  16. luvlifeinfl

    Nov. 21-30th dining booked-except for 1day

    Ok, I ended up calling in to do my Dining reservations for reason only being we have 3 different reservation#'s. We move 2 times while we are there. my first comment of frutration is that if you book for a dinner show or a place that takes 2 dining points if you do not specify at your...
  17. luvlifeinfl

    New book

    Has any one gotten the book that are written by this couple? The Complete Walt Disney World 2009 by Julie Neal, Mike Neal (Photographer)
  18. luvlifeinfl

    T-Rex not included in DD

    Why is T-Rex not part of the DD?
  19. luvlifeinfl

    2 bdrm Down grade question

    Ok I have been on this board for a few months and daily check in to see what the latest news is. I need advise. Ok, here is the deal, we will be at WDW Nov. 21-30. We have changed our reservations several times. I have that story posted in another thread. Any way since we do not need a 2bdrm...
  20. luvlifeinfl

    Have you found making resev changes

    Ok, I am at like 97 days of arriving at WDW. I had to share this and it is driving me crazy. We are DVC owners at our 11 month Window we could had made plans at our HM resort, SSR. We wanted to wait till the 7 month window to try and get in at the AK or FWL. At 8 months are DVC guide...
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