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  1. foreverbelle

    Trip Report Be Our Guest-a family filled, visitors around every corner trip

    I am alive! I know by now I have usually been on the ball about getting these trip reports done but its been a busy few weeks. This in fact is our first weekend we have been home since vacation. Between work, school and getting back to the norm I am just now getting to the report… Most of you...
  2. foreverbelle

    The 'This is Totally Awesome.' Memorial Day weekend trip report

    Well hello there. So here we are. A few days post vacation and already finding it hard to get back into the daily routine. What better way to relieve the blues than to start a trip report. Most of you by now know who we/ I am. But lets recap just in case. Your host (Me) Aleisha: I just...
  3. foreverbelle

    The 'Honey your famous, where did the pretty girlies go?'..July Trip Report.

    By now most of you know who I (or rather we) are. But I will start with the details and 411 just in case you need a little reminder. Me: Your host. Aleisha, 32 full time administrative support worker for a government contractor in DC. Part time evening student hoping to graduate eventually...
  4. foreverbelle

    2 resorts, 4 parks, 9 days and a 2 year old...a July trip report

    So here I am not even 48 hours back in the DC area, and already missing the I figured what better way to cure my post vacation mode than to start a trip report.... Lets do a quick reminder of who were are. Andy, Aleisha and our little man, Logan....I did a pre-trip and by...
  5. foreverbelle

    Changing something to Online Check-In

    Hoping someone may know, we did our online check in-we will be there Fri. 7/15. We just realized we hadn't added something to it,-our 5 yr anniversary celebration- which we went back and added. Now the hubs is thinking they have already printed out everything already. I know this may seem...
  6. foreverbelle

    How will I make it through the next 15 days....a Pre-trip report

    So I am now 15 days away. And to pass the time, I figured what better way than to start a pre-trip report. Most of you know who I am, but to remind you..lets recap. Andy the hubby-33, former anti Disney until our honeymoon back in 06' Likes the more recent Disney/Pixar movie over the...
  7. foreverbelle

    The OMG best vacation ever.

    Once again its time for me to do another trip report...please forgive my slowness as, I have had another set back, and found myself back in the hospital once again for the second time, and another surgery, the day after we came back.I in fact just got out of the hospital this past Tuesday...
  8. foreverbelle

    A much needed trip to the world, in just the right time. A Pre TR 3/14-3/19

    And so it begins once more. Another trip is quickly approaching. We are now 13 days away. And while I debated on making a pre-trip, I figured with this past months events, a pre-trip report is in order. Bare with me, all will be explained. So who are we-for those that may or may not know...
  9. foreverbelle

    A Family Affair-July 23rd-31

    I suppose I should start by introducing the cast of family members. This has been a trip 2 yrs in the making. After we became DVC members, my husband and I decided it was time to bring my entire family back to the world... This is us! (from left to right) Randin- my '6' year old nephew.-first...
  10. foreverbelle

    Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to the World I go! Trip Report Aug 1-8th

    I just returned from a wonderful week down at the happiest place on Earth. So let it begin. Who we are: Andy-My DH 31 yr old. Graphic Artist. Hated Disney with a passion until our honeymoon and now is just much of a Disney freak as myself. Aleisha-Me. 29 yr old. Staffing Assistant. Been a...
  11. foreverbelle

    AP Vouchers

    Does anyone know how long they take to get them? We bought them a few weeks ago, but don't know when we should be expecting them? Anyone have any idea?
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