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  1. sedati

    Galaxy's Edge VR adventure coming soon to Oculus

    Vader Immortal was a bit uneven but wonderfully ambitious. Here's the follow up: Can't wait.
  2. sedati

    Atlantis Live Action Remake

    This I support, though I still want the Captain Nemo prequel someday:
  3. sedati

    Oculus Quest

    This is something I have been waiting decades for. Pre-ordered for Tuesday's release. Can't wait. Vader Immortal for sure, any other suggestions welcome.
  4. sedati

    What I want in a resort, aka the Commando Hotel

    After a recent trip I feel I've solidified what I want and don't want/need in WDW area accommodations. As anyone who at best spends about seven hours in their rooms, here's my proposal for a hotel for the commando tourist: Theme: there is none. Function determines form. This thing will be...
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