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  1. Uncle Remus

    Wonderful World Of Disney Sunday night. Still miss it

    When I was a kid it was the last hurrah to the weekend before school the next day. Wish they'd bring it back for today's kids. They are missing out
  2. Uncle Remus

    Epcot Food and Wine Festival

    My favorite time of the year Sept 27- Nov 10 This years booths and countries from what I can gather seem to be...... Terra Brazil Argentina Mexico Norway- doesn't appear to be a separate Scandinavia booth this year Singapore China South Korea Africa- was South Africa last year The Outpost...
  3. Uncle Remus

    George Jones Passed

    Who's gonna fill your shoes George.....
  4. Uncle Remus

    How would a "Classic Disney Channel" do?

    I'm new here and I'm not sure if this has ever been discussed. I would love a channel that aired all of the old classic cartoons of the "core" characters. I have 4 kids from 12-4 and they love it when we put on a classic cartoon Of Donald being pestered by Chip and Dale or the old Goofy sports...
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