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    Sky High Ride?

    Was a Sky High ride ever considered for the parks? @marni1971?
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    Who wants a Phil of the Future ride?

    A Phil of the Future ride would be a cool addition to TOMORROWLAND at Magic Kingdom. Maybe Skyaks? Or a show where Pim is the villain :)
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    I want to travel back in time

    I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but, I feel like I don’t fit in. I dislike newer pop culture (except retro), I like watching old movies and listening to 80s music and classic rock. Most newer theme park rides suck compared to what we had back in the day. Everything is a...
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    Is Slinky Dog Dash closed?

    Slinky Dog Dash doesn’t have a posted wait time and is not listed in the FP+ lineup. Anyone have any info?
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    Jerry Ree’s EPCOT Mystery Project?

    Old news but, has this happened yet? Cancelled? Delayed?
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    Does anyone play Toontown Rewritten?

    Does anyone play Toontown Rewritten? It is an unofficial revival of Disney's Toontown Online. It's gotten pretty popular. Hopefully Disney realizes this and builds a new Toontown ride where guests are encouraged to take iPads and smartphones on the ride and throw pies at animatronic cogs using...
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    Would anybody be interested in a WDWMAGIC parks meet up?

    Would anyone be interested in a WDWMAGIC parks meet up? Is there an actual thread for this? I'd love to do one, because I typically socialize better with people who share the same interests as me, as well as with adults :)
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    If all of us invested into Disney's common stock, then we could vote on the board of directors

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to clear this up on the forums.. If all of us invested into Disney's common stock, then we would have voting powers on the board of directors. This includes the C.E.O, the C.F.O., Bob Iger, etc. We as fans of the Walt Disney Company can follow our dreams and steer Disney...
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