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  1. Disneykidder

    Poly Lake View

    Hi all, I am staying at Poly in a Lake View in April. (YAYYYY!!!) Which building would you request, what floor and why? I am leaning towards Moorea but curious for opinions from those who have stayed there. Thanks in advance!!:)
  2. Disneykidder

    Beach Cub refurb pushed back?

    I'm so bummed that the BCV studios refurb is being pushed back. I wanted to stay there in April. Bummer. So, I'll either get a 1 bedroom there or go to a Poly studio. (Actually, either is fine by me.)
  3. Disneykidder

    Should I sell my BLT and buy BWV or VGF?

    We are current owners at BLT and VGF. My hubby doesn't care for BLT. We were tossing around the idea of selling our BLT contract and buying either BWV, which we absolutely love, or another VGF, which we also love. The BLT is paid off. We don't want to lose any money on the deal and I know that...
  4. Disneykidder

    First planning stages of a Cruise~help!

    Hi DCL experts. I am looking to plan a cruise for 2017. I live in NY and have a hubby and three kids. I'm a teacher so I am limited to school vacations and the summer to go. We want to cruise for a week. I'm an expert on WDW but a first time DCL lady!!! :D
  5. Disneykidder

    Disney's Villas at Grand Californian booked!!!~need advise

    HI all, I have booked a 1 bedroom for three nights at VGC for July. It is myself, DH and 3 DS ages 4, 6, and 11. If you have any activity suggestions, dining suggestions (and when to make my reservations) or pictures that would be very helpful. I am sooooo excited to stay here. It is our first...
  6. Disneykidder

    What will happen when our contracts expire?

    When our contracts expire, will Disney extend it? How much do you think it will be? If anyone has OKW and got the extension already, did you have to pay?
  7. Disneykidder

    I added on!!!!

    Sorry, I am not bragging but I am so excited. I just added on 125 points a few minutes ago at VGF. They were offering the same price to add on at VGF or BLT. Even though our current contract is at BLT, we chose VGF because we will receive 4 more years out of it and get the home priority. (We...
  8. Disneykidder

    HELP. I'm going to DLR!!! :)

    So, I am traveling to DLR in Cali with my hubby and three kids (4, 6 and 11) in July. Hubs and I haven't been since 2001. We are WDW vets and DVC owners. We will be staying in San Francisco visiting family for a week and then going to DLR for 4 days. We will be staying on site at GCR. ANY...
  9. Disneykidder

    Adding on points

    HI all, For those adding on pros, please lend me your expertise. I'd like to add on within the next year. I'm guessing it would be beneficial to try and get the same use year? We are March and purchased direct through Disney. Would Disney grant me that or do I just get what I get? What are the...
  10. Disneykidder

    Resort info, please. :)

    I'm staying at VGF, WLV an BWV in July. Any info/tips on them would be appreciated. I'm sooo excited. :) We were originally staying a split at VGF and BCV but had to change our plans and lost out on BCV. (and a ressie at're welcome to the person who swooped it up.;)) But I got another...
  11. Disneykidder

    What's new?

    So, in reading posts from people on facebook and on DVCnews, they said that at the last condo meting, DVC big wigs said that there are new perks coming this year. Someone mentioned a dining perk and something big that is planned. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge about this? I wonder...
  12. Disneykidder

    Resort category jumping?

    So, a colleague of mine goes to Disney every August for about 2-3 days at a time. She always stays at GF. So on her most recent stay she stayed at POR. She HATED it. Everything she said was negative. I happened to like my stay at POR (years ago when it was Dixie Landings) and have even vivited...
  13. Disneykidder

    Disney 365 days a year?

    If you could, would you visit the parks in WDW everyday for an entire year? I was asked this by a friend who doesn't get my Disney, er, obsession. My response was yes, I could. I'd spend my mornings sipping coffee somewhere amazing, have lunch somewhere new everyday and do the same for dinner...
  14. Disneykidder

    BLT and AKL room request?

    My trip to WDW starts in 20 days...whoo hooooo!! Anyway, I was told the prime room I should request for our stay but then others said not to request a room because I could get upgraded to a larger room. Thoughts?:) We are also split staying in AKL Kidani Savanna view. IS there a better floor...
  15. Disneykidder

    What would be your dream job IN the park?

    I think my dream job would be to be an imaginear. I'd love to make more magical things happen in the parks. I would also love to work in Franck's. I love weddings and would love to help new couples make their dream wedding a reality. How about you? :)
  16. Disneykidder

    New vacation planner

    I received the 2013-2014 vacation planner in the mail today. (Disney mail is the BEST...especially DVC!!!!) I love reading that book but what I am surprised about is that the VGF are not in there. It is a 2013-2014 book so it really should be. Am I wrong?
  17. Disneykidder

    Check in?

    Our trip in 62 days, but who's counting;), will be our first stay as DVC members. I know that technically check-in times are what, 4:00? EVERY time I have stayed on property I have NEVER had to wait for a room. I usually check-in in the morning, too. (I have checked in as early as 9:30am!!) So...
  18. Disneykidder

    Rootin', tootin' breakfast

    I was thinking about all of the great food options and meals at Disney. We love character meals and Chef Mickey's is our favorite. I have three boys and the oldest will not go see the princesses...ew, yuk. So, my question is, what kind of character meal would you like to see offered in the...
  19. Disneykidder

    Favorite Disney quote?

    What is your favorite quote? It could be from a movie, a ride or Walt Disney himself.:)
  20. Disneykidder

    4th of July trip!!

    OK friends, we are planning on going to Disney over the 4th of July week in 2014. My oldest son will be playing at WWoS for a baseball tournament. So, my question is 2 part: we will book at 11 months out at our home resort, BLT, but really want to stay at BC or BW that week. What are our chances...
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