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  1. goofy5380

    How is the transportation over at All Star Movies resort ?

    Looking to stay there for first time end of August 2021 curious about the transportation to and from there Should I stay there any pros and cons ?
  2. goofy5380

    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    This is just horrible.....that's it keep cutting perks.....cut me right out of the picture also....bye ..bye... seriously people in charge ??
  3. goofy5380

    Skyliner Status

    yes !! some live Disney cams would be so awesome !
  4. goofy5380

    Trip Report the Magic is sad...

    my trip was booked in October 2019 and I didn't want to cancel it so I went..... not good bang for my buck.......probably my bad
  5. goofy5380

    Trip Report the Magic is sad...

    I guess it is great for Florida residents, AP holders but I'm not one and only get to go every 1 or 2 years.
  6. goofy5380

    Trip Report the Magic is sad...

    Went in September for 8 days and found there is no more magic, they took it all away...!! It was just horrible having to wear a mask all the time, not because it was hot and sticky, but it is just a pain in the ***.! All cast members had a mask AND shield and gloves...give me a break...couldn't...
  7. goofy5380

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    5 DAYS !! yay Im coimg down from Massachusetts and I have to qt for 14 days or get tested and be negative when I return Is there any testing stations near WDW and can I get tested being an out of stater no more than 72 hours before return...does anyone know ? thanks in advance if anyone knows...
  8. goofy5380

    Current and projected hotel openings

    Anyone know when AKL Jambo house is going to open...?
  9. goofy5380

    Walt Disney World Park Hours cut starting September 8 2020

    I think it's a rip-off to close early starting 9/8. That will be my first day there of my trip, not happy about it at all. The magic is more pronounced at NIGHT...... I paid for Park Hopper tickets back in February 2020 which I can't use so I'm screwed for that and now they are cutting back the...
  10. goofy5380

    Who is going to WDW?

    Going Sept 8 can't wait !!
  11. goofy5380

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    42 and counting
  12. goofy5380

    April/May 2021 trip and Park reservations

    Question about park reservations.....can I leave the park and come back ? Does anyone know the answer ?
  13. goofy5380

    Swearing in the parks, have you experienced this?

    yes I have last September........its everywhere now mostly young people and it's part of the cultural change that's being forced upon us now it's really a shame and horrible
  14. goofy5380

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    Does anyone know if you can change your Park reservation ? Say I made a mistake and picked the wrong park that I I stuck or can I change it somehow? thanks if anyone knows !
  15. goofy5380

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    I made my park reservations fro Sept 9-15 and nor problems. It did take a longggg time logging into the system.... I wonder if you can change a park reservation is my only question right now
  16. goofy5380

    Disney World and the NBA

    It's sad that WDW thinks more highly of Sports people and teams than ALL the other people who would like to go there themselves, who have had to cancel their own plans to go down... I may never go to WDW again.....pandemic shmandemic........... Who really cares about the NBA, NFL and other...
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