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  1. Disney4allseasons

    Now Introducing Magic Band "Slap Bracelets"

    Just got one of Halloween slap bands. It seems secure even if like me you have tiny wrists. Love the Mickey Jack o lantern design. I didn’t know how much slap you needed to give it to get on at first, so it did sting a bit before I realised you don’t need to slap it that hard!
  2. Disney4allseasons

    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - attraction discussion only

    More New Orleans would be great. Something like in Disneyland with loads more Beignets. I know you can get them at Port Orleans but it would just make my day to have them in the Magic Kingdom, along with New Orleans, Mardi Gras and Princess and the Frog!
  3. Disney4allseasons

    Shore Excursions n Port Adventures

    Hi guys as a Disney park fan I think it’s time to dip my toes into the world of Disney cruises. I was just wondering what shore excursions were like. Most of the time me and my family only have about 3 hours concentration max when doing a tour and a few experiences say they last up to 8 hours...
  4. Disney4allseasons

    Movies That Don't Get Any Love

    Would love something themed to the rescuers. Am really excited about princess and the frog splash mountain but would have been great if they‘d done the rescuers in the bayou. I’d love something for basil the great mouse detective I’m a Brit so it definitely needs to be added to Epcot. I don’t...
  5. Disney4allseasons

    Advice/experiences with 3 year old and 12 month old?

    Congratulations! I bet you can’t wait to go. From what I’ve seen on YouTube on the Tim tracker he and his wife do tonnes of videos on Disney and have just had their first baby and it was amazing to see what they did in the parks and their first character meet and greet with Mickey Mouse! There...
  6. Disney4allseasons

    Le Cellier all to ourselves

    Hoorah my future soup needs are solved!
  7. Disney4allseasons

    Deluxe Resort with Slides?

    That’s great news. I went in March with my mum, she had two types of cancer in the last few years so we were definitely in a seize the moment kind of mood. We went with Grand Floridian because of the spa facilities that you can get into free with your room. Both pools are great even if your a...
  8. Disney4allseasons

    Pinocchio Village Haus - what's up with the name?

    Love the costume, the Disney parades have the best. Good thing I don’t know where they store them! I’m lucky to be near Disneyland paris where they have the Pinocchio ride but I think Disneyland has one too. I always wondered when Disney opened the downtown Pleasure Island whether they named...
  9. Disney4allseasons

    Feeling a little blah about food options...

    Skippers’ canteen is one of the best. The explorer theme and the ‘secret‘ room behind the bookcase are great and even with social distancing the staff will still be cracking those great jokes over from jungle cruise. The tastes like chicken because it is definitely good for less adventurous...
  10. Disney4allseasons

    Le Cellier all to ourselves

    Same here. Great deal on dining plan but not something I’d pay out of pocket for the whole family.
  11. Disney4allseasons

    Grand Floridian Cafe

    The Grand Floridian cafe is great! I got a last minute reservation on my birthday. The chicken waffle is great but they have lots of tasty stuff. My mum and sis prefer things a bit lighter and they had a really nice pasta dish. I went for the turkey with cranberry sauce sandwich as it comes on a...
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