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  1. tissandtully

    Minnie Vans Gone For Good?

    The site that is owned by the grifter with the initials TC is reporting that Minnie Vans are being canceled completely and CMs and vehicle leases are being terminated. Sad if true :(
  2. tissandtully

    Disney Employee says "Sandy Hook was a hoax”

    This is crazy and very bad.. Standing near *** was 37-year-old Daniel McQuarrie, a Disney employee wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “” on the sleeve — a reference...
  3. tissandtully

    Idiot gets banned from WDW for repeatedly displaying signs

    Don't wanna start something, but this seems like news, especially since he was repeatedly told not to, I think WDW is in the right. Man Displays Trump Sign at Disney Again, Is Permanently Banned
  4. tissandtully

    Child swap now tied to MagicBands

    Not sure if this has been posted, apologies if so, but I noticed yesterday, at least in TSL that child swap is now tied to magic bands and cards, and they no longer hand out the paper passes. You tell them you need rider swap and then the CM scans the bands of guests who stay behind. This should...
  5. tissandtully

    News YouTuber arrested and jailed for prank at Contemporary Resort

    Feel like this should have been a longer jail sentence, what a moron.
  6. tissandtully

    Jawas leaving launch bay

    Seeing a report from the friend of the Jawas, that they aren't going to be around any longer, possibly permanently.
  7. tissandtully

    A really great post on the state of Epcot

    I think most people here (which is why I posted it in this section) would get a kick out of this article, written by someone who hadn't been back in a while:
  8. tissandtully

    Anyone know what time you can take a bus from DHS to MK?

    Do the buses direct to MK from DHS run in the morning? Thanks!
  9. tissandtully

    Poseidons Fury

    Went through this over the weekend, was really disappointed they turned off the water vortex!! That was my favorite part, anyone know when they turned that off and why?
  10. tissandtully

    Our Premiere Pass Conundrum

    So my wife and I have had our Premiere Passes for a while now and our son has always been able to get in free, but now that he is 3-years-old (and pretty much looks it), we are having to get him his own pass. Our favorite part about the PremPass is the Express After 4 deal, and for him to be...
  11. tissandtully

    What time can I expect the DCL bus to pick me up at AKL?

    Hey there, First time taking DCL bus to Port Canaveral, we're getting picked up at AKL, anyone know what time the bus picks us up? I really like being there in time for the boarding lunch buffet!
  12. tissandtully

    Question about movie premieres onboard

    So, I'll be traveling on the Disney Dream when Age of Ultron is released on May 1, the final day of the cruise is May 1, I know they sometimes premier films at midnight when they are released, but wondering if they will do that on the final day, anyone experienced this? Would love to catch AOU...
  13. tissandtully

    Vinylmation trading boxes to be removed from parks?

    Seeing rumors that they will be getting rid of Vinylmation trading boxes from the parks, can anyone else confirm? Seems like just another fun thing being taken away from the parks.
  14. tissandtully

    What stores still do Vinylmation trading?

    Its apparently less and less now, anyone have a recent update besides Dstreet at WDW that does Vinylmation trading? Thanks!
  15. tissandtully

    First time at Vero Beach, any tips?

    We've stayed at pretty much all the WDW DVC locations, doing a relaxed two night weekend at DVB in a couple weeks, anything that's not worth doing? Dining we should skip or not-skip? Thanks!
  16. tissandtully

    Does anyone have inside knowledge on huge lines for Guest Relations?

    Was at MK on Saturday and GR was absolutely packed, they even had to open up an additional kiosk! Anyone with any knowledge if this is all guests complaining about MM+?
  17. tissandtully

    Breakfast near Port Canaveral?

    Anyone know a good pre-boarding breakfast spot?
  18. tissandtully

    Door magnet theft?

    I've got so many random questions! It's because of all the reading, I tell ya, it's dangerous. Anyways, I read on Disney Cruise Line blog that he has had issues with non-personalized door magnets "walking away". Is this something that's common? I figured DCL would have a different sort of...
  19. tissandtully

    Watching movies..

    Can anyone describe the environment when watching movies on the ships in the theater? Is it more active than a normal theater or are all the same types of etiquette followed? Thanks!
  20. tissandtully

    Should I be worried about not getting luggage delivered before second dining?

    Hi all, I'm going on my first DCL cruise this month on the Fantasy and I've seen conflicting reports on whether we should pack our cruise casual dining attire in our day bags in case our luggage isn't delivered on time. Is this something that happens a lot? Our room is on Deck 8 Cat. 5A and we...
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