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  1. goofy5380

    How is the transportation over at All Star Movies resort ?

    Looking to stay there for first time end of August 2021 curious about the transportation to and from there Should I stay there any pros and cons ?
  2. goofy5380

    Trip Report the Magic is sad...

    Went in September for 8 days and found there is no more magic, they took it all away...!! It was just horrible having to wear a mask all the time, not because it was hot and sticky, but it is just a pain in the ***.! All cast members had a mask AND shield and gloves...give me a break...couldn't...
  3. goofy5380

    pros and cons please....

    Just booked a week at AKL Kadani for sept 2020 wife and i have always stayed at Jambo house thought we'd give Kadani a try any have any thoughts ? thank you !
  4. goofy5380

    fax room request...

    Good morning. Does anyone know who I would fax a room request to. ? I have a room resv at AKL Jambo house frpm 9/3 to 9/10 and would like to request to a room... thanks all
  5. goofy5380

    question please..

    Planning a 5 day trip and want to stay at either All Star Music or All Star Movies for end of August 2018 Which do ya'll recommend and do they both have their own buses to and from everywhere ? thanks
  6. goofy5380

    All star sports and AoA

    Anyone know how the buses work from either of those 2 resorts... POP has their own, correct ?
  7. goofy5380

    Car rental question

    Hello all, Need to rent a car for one day to get some groceries upon arrival. I know the CC center is there at the WORLD, but who is better to deal with National or Alamo
  8. goofy5380

    timing question

    Coming in to the WORLD Oct 19 landing at 3:14 at MCO and my question if anybody has an idea, how long would it take approx., to get from MCO on the Magical Express to AKL ? thanks in advance .... I
  9. goofy5380

    rivers of light dinner package

    does anyone know if the akl rivers of light dinner pack is going to be offered in october going down for 15 days end of october for our 40th anaversary
  10. goofy5380

    newbie from massachusetts

    hi all!
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