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  1. Disneykidder

    1 night dvc stay question

    I have 21 2015 points to use by 3/2016. I already have my 2016 trips booked using the rest of my 2015 points. I'll be banking my 2016 points.
  2. Disneykidder

    unused points help

    I may have 21 points to rent out, as well. They need to be used by 3/17 but I doubt I'll use them. (going in April)
  3. Disneykidder

    Poly Lake View

    Hi all, I am staying at Poly in a Lake View in April. (YAYYYY!!!) Which building would you request, what floor and why? I am leaning towards Moorea but curious for opinions from those who have stayed there. Thanks in advance!!:)
  4. Disneykidder

    Child of DVC member...

    I do not agree with anyone staying on points should get the discount. There are plenty of people who rent points and also purchase them from friends who are members. I don't think those people are entitled to the same discount that I receive as a member. It should be the members and next of kin...
  5. Disneykidder

    unused points help

    You could always bank them in RCI. I believe you'd have 2 years to use them there, too. You'd need to use them on an RCI exchange resort and couldn't put them back to DVC. But at last you won't lose them. Call member services for more info. :)
  6. Disneykidder

    Beach Cub refurb pushed back?

    I'm so bummed that the BCV studios refurb is being pushed back. I wanted to stay there in April. Bummer. So, I'll either get a 1 bedroom there or go to a Poly studio. (Actually, either is fine by me.)
  7. Disneykidder

    Problems booking at 7 month window

    I'm also a teacher so I need to travel during the Summer and school breaks. Those are peak times. I've stayed at BLT, VGF, AKV, VWL, VGC and BWV. All were gotten at the 7 month mark but BLT. (One of our homes--when we stayed at VGF it wasn't our home yet) We are a family of 5, so we need 1...
  8. Disneykidder

    Disney's Hollywood Studios Expansion Speculation and Ideas

    I'd love an Indy attraction in WDW. The one in DL is awesome!!!!
  9. Disneykidder

    Problems booking at 7 month window

    It really does depend on resort, size of accommodation and time of year. VGF is difficult to get in at 7 months as there are not many units. BCV is also difficult to get into. SSR and OKW almost always have availability. The best way is to really buy where you'd like to stay the most so you get...
  10. Disneykidder

    Disney's Hollywood Studios Expansion Speculation and Ideas

    While I love Toy Story, I wish it were Pixar Land with various Pixar movie attractions. I think Toy Story Land will be 11 acres and Star Wars Land will be 14 acres. I am happy for these changes. DHS has been neglected for so long. It will be great!:D
  11. Disneykidder

    No DVC Sliders?

    I guess they won't be sending them but may still have some available at resort desks. People online have said that they are for sale on EBay. Sorry, but that is just uncool. I hope no person buys them. :confused:
  12. Disneykidder

    Help with the best building to ask for at the beach club villas

    I wish they would offer a lake view.
  13. Disneykidder

    No DVC Sliders?

    It's a good thing I have about 20 of them then!;) They are available for purchase on Ebay. (not from me...I don't ever shop on Ebay,):p
  14. Disneykidder

    Changing DVC Sales Strategy?

    Totally understandable if they did do all or some of that. I know I will be agitated if they didn't make it more equitable for current members.
  15. Disneykidder

    A few questions about renting...

    Just to see, I am checking the resort availability right now. Here is what is available/not. I entered studio and 1 bedroom. Partial means one or more days of that time frame is not available but some are. Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort No Availability: Deluxe Studio -...
  16. Disneykidder

    Changing DVC Sales Strategy?

    Hmmm...a dedicated entrance to DCA like VGC would be cool. I'm trying to picture where this would be...the highway is there and so is the parking lot. They'd really need to revamp that whole area. I'm not so sure they'd knock down's pretty popular. But more villas are DEF needed there. I...
  17. Disneykidder

    Changing DVC Sales Strategy?

    If DVC did create/add to a moderate resort, I think many members would be angry, and rightfully so. With so few amenities, they couldn't offer it at rates of $165 and higher (if they did, who would purchase when you could have Poly for that price point). So, if they did offer the price point...
  18. Disneykidder

    Changing DVC Sales Strategy?

    I've heard a rumor that they are going to build more DVC units in DL. I'm not sure if it is converting VGF rooms or building a new resort. They could certainly convert some rooms at the other hotels there. Paradise Pier and DL Hotel. They definitely nee more there.
  19. Disneykidder

    We own the Poly now!

    When/if they add DVC to a moderate, they would still keep the same price per point. Otherwise, a lot of members would sell to get more points at a lower rate. Pay $165 per point or $100 per point and have no restrictions? Seems like a no brainer to me. If prices were lower everyone could get...
  20. Disneykidder

    Free Event at Typhoon Lagoon for DVC Members July 23, 28 & Aug 4, 11

    It sounds like a blast. I saw pics on Instagram, too. What does annoy me is that people are entering and are not DVC members. Someone online said that an acquaintance allowed them access. I can see if they were all traveling together but these people were not.
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