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  1. Think Tink

    Favorite Stand Alone Room Type?

    So my husband and I have not traveled anywhere since October 2019. We have a trip to OKW scheduled in June and BCV in September but we really want to travel before June. Since we aren't going to get our COVID vaccine by March (We are upper 20s/young 30s) we want to stay in a room that is not...
  2. Think Tink

    Vow Renewal at Disney Experience?

    Has anyone worked with Disney Weddings for a vow renewal? We are thinking of renewing our vows either next year or the year after and was curious about any experiences you have had. We are leaning toward the Yacht Club or Canada pavilion in Epcot. The weird thing is we really don't want anyone...
  3. Think Tink

    Best stops on way to Disneyland

    So a big dream of mine has been to drive cross country (Ohio to California) and end at Disneyland. I love road trips and it’s been on my list of vacations to take for a long time and I think 2022 will be the year. The routes I’m looking at has me going through Illinois, Indiana, Missouri...
  4. Think Tink

    Need 125 Direct Points for Perks Soon?

    I just spoke with a CM about buying DVC this morning and he told me that in Mid October you will need 125 points direct from Disney to get the perks that come along with membership. I was looking at buying 100 points direct and adding on a resale contract to get the total amount I want. Just...
  5. Think Tink

    Pin Code Temptation

    I have regularly been going to Disney since 2016 and decided to take this year off due to COVID but woke up with a nice Pin Code discount offered and now I'm really tempted to book something for a short getaway at something like a Treehouse Villa or fort wilderness cabin. My husband even said...
  6. Think Tink

    Realtors near Port St. Lucie?

    Anyone happen to know any realtors that work near Port St. Lucie? Looking to purchase a vacation home in that area next year and figured I’d see if anyone either was one or could refer someone. Thanks!
  7. Think Tink

    Boardwalk Garden Suites (loft)

    Has anyone stayed in these 2 person garden suites? With everything going on, my husband and I are moving our trip to the second week of June and want to stay near Epcot or on a monorail resort and club level. There is a good passholder discount on those days for the garden suite but the layout...
  8. Think Tink

    How many actually buy Club Level fast passes?

    I’m just curious as I tend to stay Club Level and my 90 day mark(from check out) is TOMORROW! I’ve been booking them since they came out but I’m really curious what percentage of people actually purchase them. My husband isn’t a huge Disney fan and I think they really make my trip easier on him...
  9. Think Tink

    Cities in Florida - Thoughts?

    Helllloooo my Disney loving friends. My backstory - feel free to skip to the next paragraph if not interested :) I graduated with a degree in Business Management in 2014. A couple years ago after being known as the Grim Reaper (HR Rep) for 5 years I had a quarter life crisis at the ripe age of...
  10. Think Tink

    Changing plans based on new discounts

    Anyone else sit like a crazy person and craft new vacation plans based on the discounts that come up? I’ve been sitting here like a crazy person for 30 minutes comparing and creating a new vacation because the Yacht club had no discounts on my dates. So now I’m thinking split stay with Beach...
  11. Think Tink

    Any Florida Teachers?

    I’m currently living in Ohio and am being actively recruited for a teaching position in Florida. The district itself doesn’t seem too bad but I’m concerned with the sheer number of openings, is this common everywhere in FL. For reference I’m not Currently a teacher but am graduating in December...
  12. Think Tink

    Jambo House Club Level

    Hey Friends! (I have decided you are all my friends now) with the summer pass holder discount going on, I’m thinking of changing my March trip to June and moving to AKL Club Level to save us about $1,400 from the YC in March. What’s your take on the club level there? We are going to Disneyland...
  13. Think Tink

    Gran Destino Tower

    Just got my trip booked for September! I tried for October but it was already almost all booked up on my birthday week. Oh well :) Anyone planning on trying it next year? I've never stayed in a moderate before so I'm pretty excited but will miss the ease of walking from the Yacht Club.
  14. Think Tink

    Pre-Trip Anniversary and Halloween Spectacular....In August!

    This is my first attempt at a Pre-Trip/ TR so bear with me. :happy: I was just "home" back in May but needed another trip to end the summer with. I'm still finalizing the itinerary even though we leave in.... 23 days! :eek: I should have it pretty up much complete after work tonight so I will...
  15. Think Tink

    Birthday or Halloween?

    So I'm really just looking for your personal preference. I am looking to go to Disney either the week of Oct 22 (My birthday week) or the week of Halloween so I might see some semblance of Christmas decor by the end of that week. Obviously I know not everything will be up by then :) Crowds will...
  16. Think Tink

    90 Day Fast Passes - Club Level

    Hello! I'm really just curious if anyone has purchased the 90 day day passes while staying club level. I haven't heard much since this has been announced and didn't know if this was something that anyone has been taking advantage of, at $50.00 pp per day its a steep price!
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