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  1. eddiemcgarrigle

    Rude Behavior And Temper Outbursts: How Much Is HEAT To Blame?

    Is the heat really to blame? 90% humidity here most times but without the heat of Florida's winter never mind summer. Waiting in long lines with long periods of no movement tends to make people cranky regardless, throw in those who think waiting is not for them and the fun will start. Any...
  2. eddiemcgarrigle

    Port Orleans Advice

    POFQ is a great resort, small and compact and nothing is too far away. Best choice for quiet would be building 7 which is also the closest to Riverside, which is a great place to have a wander around.
  3. eddiemcgarrigle

    Be Our Guest Breakfast Confirmed

    No, not a hardship but more a case of the earlier the better. The earlier I get into the park for my resi, the better the chance for awesome pics of my family in an empty park.
  4. eddiemcgarrigle

    Be Our Guest Breakfast Confirmed

    Snagged an 8:40 for my visit to MK, then an 8:20 opened up. I had to cancel the first resi to then claim the 8:20 but it just wouldn't load, obviously claimed by someone else. Cue a frantic few minutes as I tried to retrieve the ADR I'd just canceled. Luckily it was still there.
  5. eddiemcgarrigle

    BOG 8:05

    I always book the Crystal Palace for my first day at the parks and tend to get let in at around 7:45 regardless of how many minutes past 8 my reservation is. Given that BOG is much further away, I'd suggest asking to be let in at around 7:35 to give yourself ample time to amble around to...
  6. eddiemcgarrigle

    Linking Virgin Holidays Booking?

    Having booked with Virgin (and now Travel City Direct) a few times, I have always phoned them directly and asked for my reservation number as it was never been shown on any of my paperwork. A few minutes on the phone and number received and quickly checked on the MDE app.
  7. eddiemcgarrigle

    How many times...?

    1. Fourteen. 2. May 2013. 3. May 2015. 4. The Tower Of Terror.
  8. eddiemcgarrigle

    Disney vs Non Disney Hotels

    We used to stay off-site, mainly at I-Drive. I can remember when that area was reasonably quiet with almost no places to drink other than hotels but over the years it got saturated by bars and became very loud and rowdy. Prices also went up (no longer could I get two weeks sunshine for under...
  9. eddiemcgarrigle

    Scottish Independence

    It was close and I am so disappointed. Every age group under 55 voted for independence but the 55+ vote believed the lies over pensions and voted against. Oh well. Given that Westminster has reneged on promised powers, this isn't over yet. Saor Alba. Bu Choir.
  10. eddiemcgarrigle

    Scottish Independence

    So, in the event of the breaking up of the United Kingdom what do you think will happen to the UK Pavilion in Epcot? Granted, nothing about it screams Scotland anyway so I feel it will simply be renamed England. Thoughts?
  11. eddiemcgarrigle

    How bad is the ToT drop?

    ToT drop is not bad, it's freaking fantastic. My favourite ride, anywhere.
  12. eddiemcgarrigle

    Worst people to be in line next to?

    Rangers supporters who constantly bleat about how there team never died. They go on and on and on and on, denial personified. ;)
  13. eddiemcgarrigle

    What's the big deal about Port Orleans?

    Woo Hoo, booked up for POR, Disney here we come, again. I've stayed at POFQ twice before so we plumped for POR this trip as the pool area at Riverside seems a bit more themed for my son. I'm leaning towards requesting Magnolia Bend over Alligator Bayou but then, I'm open to being persuaded...
  14. eddiemcgarrigle

    Two ADRs At Same Time?

    Hi Guys, I've booked up my trip to Disney again but this time my Brother-In-Law is coming with his family too. We've booked everyone under the same reservation as it worked out at £1000 cheaper but I'm left with a dilemma. Is it possible to book two ADRs at different restaurants for the same...
  15. eddiemcgarrigle

    What countries would you add to EPCOT?

    Scotland, after we declare our independence.
  16. eddiemcgarrigle

    Opinions on Coronado Springs

    I'll be staying here next year (couldn't justify the £8000 price tag for staying at the Beach Club) so it's nice to see so many saying that it's a great place. I took a stroll around it last year as I wanted to visit the Pepper Market (which was pretty tasty) and it really is a lovely resort.
  17. eddiemcgarrigle

    Best counter service meals.

    People, I am shocked that there is no repeated mention of Starring Rolls as it's a must do for me. Anyhoo - Starring Rolls Wolfgang Puck Express Earl Of Sandwich Flame Tree BBQ Pepper Market
  18. eddiemcgarrigle

    Invoice ??, what does this mean?

    You can't beat a free round of mini-golf at Winter Summerland or Fantasia Gardens.
  19. eddiemcgarrigle

    Thunder Storms and Park Touring

    As has been said, the outdoor rides will close but the indoor ones are still operational. Just look at as your best chance to wander around mostly empty paths as those who are scared of the rain huddle in doorways. You may be mistaken as being from Scotland but see that as the honour that it...
  20. eddiemcgarrigle

    Favorite Park

    My missus loves the Magic Kingdom but I plumped for Epcot. there's just something so relaxing about strolling around the World Showcase, especially during the F&G Festival.
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