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  1. Johnguelff

    Finance question

    Say I want to finance the poly at for examples sake 100 points @ 171/point or so. My question.. How will payments be made to Disney towards the actual dvc agreement. Do they do monthly like a car/mortgage or is it yearly? Do they split it over the life of the agreement or 5,10,15 years? Our...
  2. Johnguelff

    Fast pass dummy question

    Arriving Sept 14th. Port Orleans -linked 5 day hopper-linked According to my shoddy math I should be able to select FP in two days. For some reason right now I can select them for any day up to the 13th of August. Is this normal? I Cant even view September dates. Is this normal? Will the...
  3. Johnguelff

    FASTPASS + How soon can i book?

    Arriving on Sep 14th. When can I start reserving my FP? Like, to the minute. I'll stay up late if needed. I am staying on site if that matters. Id like to try for 7DMT and Frozen. Thank you!
  4. Johnguelff

    Mickeys halloween party thingy

    I have park hopper tickets in September, 14th-19th, and I have a question about this Halloween dealy. If I'm inside the park with my hopper pass, will i be asked to leave at 7pm??? Or am I understanding this all wrong. Seems like I need to spend almost 100$ more than I already have to stay in...
  5. Johnguelff

    POFQ first timer. Likes? Dislikes?

    Life time Disney guy. September will be my first trip with out my parents and im 31. Haha. Getting married while there. I've stayed at the deluxe resorts and Caribbean beach my whole life. Staying at the French Quarter for the first time ever. Anyone have any opinions on it? Good moderate...
  6. Johnguelff

    Fanstamic dining?

    Recently back from a trip to wdw in May and going back in September. Hopefully less crowds. Haha.while at Hollywood studios watching fantasmic, there was a roped off section with many people dining during the show. I can't seem to find any info on this. Anyone know what was going on ? Also...
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